Tomorrow the Open Wod is Announced 7pm our time!!! Anyone want to guess what the Wod may be or the movements in Wod 1? Amrap 3 , 5 rounds a Chipper…..HOPE YOU ARE EXCITED AS WE ARE!!!

Today was Skill Day GREAT JOB BY EVERYONE!

Ladies if you plan on attending tomorrow if you want to snack and drink a little we need to get there early like 6:30 because 7pm the painting starts!  Looking forward to it.  Always thinking ahead any ideas for March?  I DO!!!!!!!!  Can you guess this is KAT!  Actually first person to guess gets a free shirt when they arrive! 

OK soo lots of comments here I want to know your guess on the Wods and Ladies what do you think I have in mind for our next outing?

ALSO look at our 5:15 am Class they had Tuesday Collar Shirt day… guessing in Honor of Jon Koogler who I can say can soo PULL OFF a collared shirt to WOD in.