Today was a shocker for the non-runners.  IT was a good shocker! MOST of you thought you couldn’t do it and did it and loved it.  It was hard well speaking for myself here.  I HATE RUNNING I always say Im not running fast unless someone is chasing me with a knife.  And then I usually follow with, well I would just turn around and let them have me! BUT really what kindof attitude is that?  A BAD ONE!  So nothing like running a 10K on the first day back from a 6 day CARB BINGER!!!!!  So proud and happy that everyone did it with no Bitchin and kicked ass!!!  Im going to blog a sentence or two about someone in our box that ROCKED todays WOD now IM not blogging because she rocked out 7 or 8 min miles.  Im bragging on her because she was so proud of herself everytime i ran passed her that i almost wanted to cry.  It was the longest she has ran EVER i think….”don’t quote me on that”!  Maybe it was becuase she really thought she couldnt do it and she did it and was proud of herself!!! HER words exactly “Im so Happy and Im so Proud of myself”!!!  Im talking about Tracey Casey if you know her YOU know this is a big deal. And yes she was grinning ear to ear every mile!  YEAH!!!

OK so I will end this with who wants to do this more often?

Pic in a min.  For some reason i cant get the whole pic!!