Skill: Toes-to Bar
Beginner – 3 x 5
Experienced – 3×10
5 Rds
21 KB Swings
15 Box Jumps
9 Ring Dips
Cool Down: 200 M KB Farmers Carry
Coaches Note:
Are you using the programmed “Skill” components to get better,,, or is it just something you are going through the motions on?  EVERYTHING we do is programmed for a reason,,, if you want to reach your goals, whatever they are, giving 100% to everything that coach asks of you is required.  Your coaches are watching the workouts, we’re noting where your frustrations are, what movements and skills give you the most problems, and these “skill” sessions are there to allow you time to get better outside the pressure of the clock.  Whether you’re here to become the best CrossFit athlete you can be, loose a few pounds, or grow a really awesome beard, 100% effort and commitment to giving every component on that board is required whether it be Warm-Up, Skill, Strength, WOD or Cool-Down.