Push Jerk – 5@65%, 5@75%, 5+@85%

Run 800M
Run 400M Backwards
Run 800M
Run 400M Backwards

Coaches Note:

One of the biggest excuses I get from men I’m talking to about giving CrossFit a try is that there is too much “Cardio.”  Hearing that makes me want to bleed from my ears for two reasons:

1) Don’t confuse “intensity” for “cardio.”  I’m sorry, but you just aren’t going to get any kind of fit doing bicep isolation curls and tricep pull-downs.  Intensity breeds the physical improvements required to achieve top flight fitness.

2) If it’s good enough for the soldiers, Marines and special operators protection our livelihoods, it should certainly be good enough for you.

In the end, I guess it’s all a question of what your goals are.  You want big arms, skinny legs and a weak motor, keep doing what your doing.  You want to strive for warrior level fitness, I’ll see you in the box.

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