Rolling 7’s!!!!

Rolling 7’s!!!!

Todays WOD was Short and Fast, but a lung and a core burner.  One day closer to that six pack.  Some of you (Jill, April,) surprised yourself with Box Jumps.  I know I did.  I actually feel like now I will only jump on the 24 inch box for short rep workouts.  Its amazing how everyday you surprise yourself with CrossFit everyday!

Also if you signed up for The Houston Marathon under Pearland CrossFit link as a group well WE are in!  So let the training begin.  Shawn sent an email if you did not receive it let him know and we will add you to the list.  It has all of our training info on it! YES that includes CrossFit 4 to 6 times a week…..

ALSO if you all or any are interested in a triathlon there is one coming up July 17th in Shadow Creek Ranch in Pearland.  It is open water, but what a new and exciting challenge to take on so if you havent already and would like to go and sign up!


7MIN Amrap

7 Toes 2 Bar

7 Burpees

7  Box Jumps 28/32

Tuesdays WOD

Tuesdays WOD

3 rounds
15 thrusters 95/65
400 meter run

2 rounds
15 pullups
15 swings 53/35

1 round
200 meter run
20 back squats 95/65

This is published with permission from Jen Heitman: Thanks for posting this Kat! I appreciate and admire you saying what I know I have gone through and many of us have or will.  When I “broke up” with CF a year and half ago after meeting Shawn almost every single morning at 6am in the park for two years I thought walking away from it was going to make me happy.  I was burned out, resented getting up, resented the WODs and had no love for CF anymore.  I went back to a globo gym and was good for about a month before things went south.  There was no one pushing me to get stronger, work harder and just be better.  The steps on the stair master were doing just what they do, keeping me in place and not going anywhere.  I became lazy and unmotivated and in four months gained almost 30 pounds.  I am thankful every day that Shawn, Lindsey and Katherine opened the PCF gym and saved my sanity.  I started CF the second time in worse shape than when I did the first but thanks to our AMAZING coaches and all the support from my wonderful fellow family members at PCF I’m in better shape now than I was before and have fallen back in love with CF.  We all get tired and burned out at times but if you ever feel like walking away, just know there is someone there ready to pick you up and get you back on track.  Thank you, thank you Shawn, Lindsey and Kat for opening the gym, it saved my life 🙂 and to everyone who I sweat and swear next to every day thank you for pushing me, motivating me and keeping this love affair going strong 🙂

Another HOT WEEK done with!!!!

JUST some Bad A$$ Chicks Representing PCF!!!!!!

AHH another summer week done!!! June is flying by and almost over!!!!

Friday WOD

400 Meter Run

21 Squat Cleans 95/65

42 OH Lunges 45/25

21 Squat Cleans

400 Meter Run