Falling Victim to Cheat here or there “How many cheats was that?”

You know what I’m talking about. You’re at the grocery store and it’s the end of a long day, so you tell yourself, “I’m going to treat myself to that cookie because I deserve it.” Or you’re out with friends and you say to each other, “We’re having fun, let’s treat ourselves.” And it’s okay, because you’ll split it. (The whole splitting trick i fell victim to over Thanksgiving)  Or maybe it’s a friends  birthday. Or you had a Bad day or even a bad workout, your kids were bad whatever the excuse.

How many times per week do you really end up “treating” yourself? Is it actually a treat or is it a regular part of your diet?

And is it really “treating” yourself? It doesn’t do your body any good. In fact, in all regards except a moment of instant gratification, it’s the opposite of treating yourself.

As we head into the holidays, think about your approach to  bad food “treats” Do you have a strategy? Alot of talking to myself.  Or for example I took Shawns birthday cake to my in laws house Not my house. Do you have a Wod partner, friend, loved one to hold you accountable when you need it?  What if you made it through a whole week without treats — can you think of a way to ACTUALLY treat yourself to something nice?


Courtesy of CFLA

in 3 min complete 200 Meter Run & as many thrusters as possible 135/95

Rest 2 min

in 6 min complete 400 Meter Run & as many thrusters as possible 95/65

Rest 2 min

in 9 min complete 800 Meter Run & as many thrusters as possible 65/45

IMPORTANT INFO HELEN WOD Thursday & Friday get it done and your pics TEAM Competition is Tuesday evening around 6:30 please comment here if thats a problem so your coaches will know!!! Thanks Whos WINNING!!!!!!!


You’re so old…..

when you were young, rainbows were black and white.

your social security number is 1.

Jurassic Park brought back memories.

you have an autographed Bible.

Happy birthday to one of our coaches! Shawn McDonald….you are a true legend! (Okay enough of the old jokes!!!)

On a serious note, all of us at Pearland Crossfit would like to say that we love you and we are thankful to have you in our lives!

And now on to more important updates! HAVE YOU SEEN THE GYM! My goodness that place is boomin’! There are so many new faces, AND THESE PEOPLE ARE ON FIRE! So if you are a member that has been here for some time and have plateaued….well I just found some motivation to help you over the plateau! THESE NEW FOLKS ARE ABOUT TO PASS YOU UP! Its time to step up your game! You have to SHOW UP TO GO UP!  GAME DAY BABY!  They are ballin! I have never seen so much dedication and determination in one place PEARLAND CROSSFIT IS SWACKING! (okay if you are as old as Shawn…google”swacking and jersey shores)

thanks GARRETT

Today Garrett opened the gym for us, thank you very much for doing that! He had a WOD ready for the members and came up with something for the few Saturday folks…

WOD November 26, 2011
3 rounds for time
10 deadlifts
8 power cleans
5 front squats
10 box jumps
200 m run

Shhhhhh! It is a SECRET!

Maybe not quite a secret, but the WOD of the day isn’t posted at the start of the day for a reason.  There are many folks who will avoid the BOX if they know what is in store for them.  They will conveniently take the day off as a rest day because they hate running, hate KAREN or DREAD the thought of 100 reps of ANYTHING.  THE WODs at PCF are well thought out and programmed PURPOSEFULLY.  Hints like bring your running shoes or be prepared for pull-ups are one thing…but telling the whole world what is in store for them…let’s leave it a surprise…. so on that theme…

You are oh so very proud of yourself – AND you should be; YOU came into the BOX and mastered the WOD, maybe master isn’t the right word for this particular WOD, maybe you SURVIVED it.  The main thing is YOU WANT to SHARE that info with all of your FACEBOOK Friends!  The PROBLEM with this is YOU are FB FRIENDS with EVERYONE who works out later in the DAY.  Now they know what is in store for them and can change their mind about working out.  Not everyone will do this but there are a few crossfitters who will.  So, be discrete about it.  Make is sound difficult, but enticing.  AND tomorrow… well tomorrow YOU can POST on FB how badly you wanted to KILL ANGIE yesterday!

WOD November 23, 2011 ANGIE

100 reps pullups

100 pushups

100 sit ups

100 squats

modification do 25 of each 4 rounds for time

From PCF with CHAD 2011-11-23


NO REP…NO Repetition : Simple words and those of you who are new to Crossfit may be unfamiliar with what that means when you are in the middle a workout.  It means that repetition that you just did (whether it be a pushup, a squat, a C2B pull up, a clean & jerk or a burpee) DOES NOT COUNT for that set!  You must do that rep again and keep going.  IT is a call to be dreaded when you are in a competition, and best avoided by DOING it RIGHT.  In fact, you should automatically no-rep yourself when you know you didn’t squat deep enough, didn’t lock out your elbows on a jerk, or fell off the wall while kipping up a handstand pushup.  I know when my chin doesn’t clear the bar doing a pull-up.  I automatically no-rep myself and do the rep over.  Depriving yourself of every movement done correctly with full range of motion will not make you stronger.  You WILL get STRONGER by DOING it right, and DOING each rep.  KEEP up the good work!

WOD Nov 22, 2011

Why HELLo C2B, where oh where did you COME FROM???

All right gang! When the coaches say CHEST TO BAR, they mean CHEST TO BAR!! If you notice there has been a lot more NO REPS coming from the coaches…DONT TAKE IT PERSONAL.  Just go about your WOD and do it again, yes that’s right a NO REP means to REDO because it didn’t count.

This is what a Chest to Bar looks like :)

Also, if you cannot do an exercise correctly…drop the weight, add a band, or get a smaller ball. Not being able to do an exercise CORRECTLY is the same that as cheating.  Like we have said over and over….stop worrying about what the white board says, worry about you getting better!

Now..HUGE POSITIVES! First of all, there are some new members KILLIN IT! Make sure that you know everyone’s name.  Have you seen the BOX LATELY  ITS PACKED! Big things are happening at PCF! For example, there has been a new delivery of mats for the first step in expansion! (Thanks to Steve and Jo for the awesome delivery)

Shout out to Taylor Ribonette! ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! You have come a long way! Keep up the hard work!

THE GOALS YOU POSTED WERE AMAZING! You guys keep working as hard as you are and you will reach your goals in NO TIME!

6:15am class WOD KILLERS!








WOD 11-21-11

3 Rounds

9 Chest to Bar

15 Dead Lift 225/155

21 Wall Balls





Gotta Love HSPU

Epic Fail

I can promise you that we all look better doing hand stand push ups than this guy!


Why do you Crossfit??

Each of us have our reasons for being a CrossFitter. So ask yourself “why do I crossfit?” When is the last time that you set back and truly evaluated your progress? Are you 100% satisfied with where you are? Do you even know where you want to be? DO YOU HAVE YOUR GOALS WRITTEN DOWN? If you dont, you are just wondering around aimlessly. Take a look at where you want to be with your fitness. Do you just want more energy? Are you just getting in shape for a cruise? Are you wanting to lose weight/inches, just wanting to get stronger or DO YOU WANT TO COMPETE IN THE GAMES….AGAIN, WHAT BRINGS YOU TO THE GYM? I challenge you to evaluate where you are, where you want to be, and how long do you see yourself getting there.

Once you have your goals written down post them where you can see them on a daily basis. Its important that you look at them often. Put up post it notes on your mirror, in your car, on the fridge. Tell yourself over and over again that you CAN reach these goals, you ARE strong, and before you know it you will be setting NEW goals.

If you do not know how to set obtainable goals, get with one of the coaches, they will be happy to help you set and reach your goals. Also, read books about goal setting, you will surprise yourself when you start writing your goals down. You need to have a goal that FIRES YOU UP SO MUCH YOU CANT SLEEP.

Homework (ALL COACHES AND ALL MEMBERS) due Monday 11/21/11: (50 burpee penalty for late work) Post ONE short term goal and the date in which you will accomplish this goal. DO IT…..YOU CANT REACH A GOAL IF ITS NOT WRITTEN DOWN! See it and BELIEVE IT!

KEEP on Trying

Everyone has a nemesis double unders, overhead squats, ring dips, getting off the band for kipping pullups, handstand push ups…pick your poison!  Since I hurt my shoulder 18 months ago OHS they frustrate me.  Thanks to Chad I have a new perspective on what I am doing, and I will try to work on them at least once a week.  Of course I will add that to the list of other things I keep saying I am going to work on…we all have that list.  Keep coming to the gym regularly, follow the STRENGTH and TRAINING program that Lindsey has set for the BOX and we will all get better at the things that trouble us.

Today, I was having that moment, thinking that I couldn’t do an OHS.  Chad helped me with my overhead squat today.  It still isn’t easy, but I didn’t quit.  Chad reminded me to listen to my body!  Every time we feel weak, we fail at a move, we have to pick up the bar and try again, even if it means dropping the amount of weight.  We should  never walk away , never just quit BECAUSE it will haunt us.  David posted a link to a video on Facebook that he said he kept remembering when he was in the hospital.  I watched it again and it is still inspiring today as it was when we first watched it 6 months ago.  

As Robert Frost said…

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Even promises to yourself are IMPORTANT.  THIS poem says to me that you can’t QUIT and give in because YOU wont reach those things you want to accomplish or meet your goals!

WOD-November 18, 2011 

reverse ladder…..

OHS 95/65

Box Jumps (30″,24″)

ITS all Mental!

C had and I had the chance to go to an Olympic Lifting Seminar two weekends ago and I didnt know what we were in store for  actually I was hoping the two hour seminar would be all about ME and the Clean ;) Some of you that have seen my hang clean KNOW exactly what i’m talking about here!  ITS not the BEST lets just keep it at that.  Anyways back to this seminar.  We get there and the first thing out of Carl’s mouth is its SNATCH time…..I immediately start sweating and I think Chad im sure got Gitty (as in child like giggling with excitement)!  This lift is hard! The most difficult and something I have not “practicied”  MAKING LOVE TO THE BAR as Carl would say.  That means love the bar, talk to the bar, take your time with the bar….WELL HELL I LIKE THAT when you put it like that! 

So after an hour, maybe even an hour and half into snatch balance, heaving snatch, YOU NAME IT, it was time to pick the $HIT up and start lifting…..OH my heart rate immediately jumped to 200. Chad well he was just sweating (he sweated alot in this seminar)  WELL i picked up the 55lb bar did it, didnt know how I did it, YALL know the dreal add weight soo we did 65 did it, add weight 70 did it, (started freaking out) 75 DID IT I’m NOW 15 lbs over a PR or can you count a PR if you havent attempted the lift in a year (YEARS)? 

NOW HERE WE GO its time to do the WOD…Immediately I start sliding the weight off…UHHH BIG NO TO THAT they said KAT your doing this WOD with 75lbs Snatch My reply NOPE CANT DO IT!!! Wrong thing to say to Carl & his girlfriend also known as Kat. 

TO MAKE A VERRY LONG STORY SHORT I did it, it was hard, & ALL it was is a mental game.  So many Wods for example today, are mental.  150 Wall Balls everyone is capable of doing it, but that Damn Dynamax Wall Ball Starts talking to you. GREAT JOB TODAY Tracy C. first RXD WOD, Ryan B. PR’d today by 45 sec, Jenn H. ”WALL BALL Queen” PR’d as well.  If i missed anyone I apologize.   Kat

WOD “Karen”

150 Wall Balls FT

YOU ALL KNOW Josh Bridges right? IF you DONT google him 2011 CrossFit Games. He was ammmaaazzzingg! Great article written by him.

Breaking the Mental Barrier
Written by Josh Bridges

The mind is a powerful thing, it can help you get through tough times, or it can cause you to crumble like Greg Norman in the ‘96 Masters. The strong learn how to handle and control their mind when it starts to rant, rave and tell them to stop what they’re doing. The weak let it take over and OWN them.

Is it possible to develop strategies to break your mental barrier?  Absolutely. I prevent this little boss in my head from taking over in a couple of ways.

One more rep.
When that voice inside your head is screaming at you to “put down the barbell” or “get off the bar,” you fight back with one more rep. Completing just one more rep when everything inside of you is telling you to stop is a sure way to grow your mental muscles, and the next time you might do two more reps. Over time, this builds and you begin to control that voice.

Small Goals.
When I am in the middle of a workout, I always have small goals in my head. Small goals add up to big goals. For example, if my workout calls for 30 heavy thrusters, my first goal might just be to get to 5 thrusters.  When I get to 5 and still feel good, I start thinking, “good, I’ll do 5 more without rest,” and when I get to 10 and start to feel fatigued I might just talk myself into “two more.” But at 12, I might use the “one more rep,” and then do it again.  After a few “one more rep” goals, I am at 16 or 20 . . . and all of a sudden I might be close enough to 30 to either take a quick break and knock out the rest in one set, or even finish it off by chipping away on more rep at a time.

Break through that wall.
My old wrestling coach used to yell at us when he saw us start to break mentally, “Break through that wall, it’s the only way to get strong.” He would say it over and over again. We would barely be able to stand up on the mat, but we never wanted to lose the mental battle, so we would fight and fight until we physically could not stand any longer. That became so deeply ingrained that now when things get rough I can still hear his voice yelling “Break through that wall.”

Your body can handle more than your mind thinks it can. Don’t let that little boss in your head beat you; go out there and show it that you are the boss!