Happy New Years!!!

Hope everyone will enjoy bringing in the New Year!! Can’t wait to see some of the goals set for 2012! The gym will be closed over the weekend and will open back up TUESDAY for normal hours!! Bootcamp will be Tues Wed and Thursday! January specials **** 99$ bootcamp and On Ramp for Crossfit will be waived. Don’t miss out on these great Specials!!! Start changing your life in 2012. Have a Happy and Safe New Year!!! Linz, Kat, and Shawn

Ready Set Go!!!!

A typical Thursday at Pearland Crossfit, fewer folks working out.  But those who did work out did it with their normal fire and intensity!  The 4:15PM class was treated as guinea pigs.  They had programmed 5 rounds for time (400m run, 12 burpee box jumps, 10 SDHP, and 10 Thrusters)… it was way long!  Have you set your next fitness goals?  IF so share with us.  We are here to be your cheerleaders!

WOD – see the photo some did 400m runs each round, others did 200m each round

5 rounds for time
12 burpee box jumps
10 SDHP (95/65)
10 Thrusters (95/65)

From November 14, 2011

Bootcamper WOD

From November 14, 2011


WHO needs a NEW Years Resolution?

Have you EVER kept a New Years Resolution? NOT very many folks have!  So, instead join Shawn’s challenge or create a challenge of your own. Re-evaluate your fitness level and look at your last goals… did you make it to the goal that you set November 19th(http://pearlandcrossfit.com/why-do-you-crossfit/)? Click on this link to see what you committed to at that time.  Set a new goal, maybe you need to make it more realistic.  Add it as a comment to this post so that everyone knows that you are committed to being the fittest you!  Instead of making a resolution that we won’t keep….WE need to keep on working on the goals that we set in 2011, expand on those and WORK Hard!  STRONG isn’t just PHYSICAL…it is a FRAME of MIND! 

WOD – in photos…
6 rounds – 20 box jumps, 20 kb swings, 20 situps – 2 minutes rest after each round
click on slide show to jump to the photo album

1/2 of a 1/2 Marathon….Well Kinda 6.4 Miles

Today was a shocker for the non-runners.  IT was a good shocker! MOST of you thought you couldn’t do it and did it and loved it.  It was hard well speaking for myself here.  I HATE RUNNING I always say Im not running fast unless someone is chasing me with a knife.  And then I usually follow with, well I would just turn around and let them have me! BUT really what kindof attitude is that?  A BAD ONE!  So nothing like running a 10K on the first day back from a 6 day CARB BINGER!!!!!  So proud and happy that everyone did it with no Bitchin and kicked ass!!!  Im going to blog a sentence or two about someone in our box that ROCKED todays WOD now IM not blogging because she rocked out 7 or 8 min miles.  Im bragging on her because she was so proud of herself everytime i ran passed her that i almost wanted to cry.  It was the longest she has ran EVER i think….”don’t quote me on that”!  Maybe it was becuase she really thought she couldnt do it and she did it and was proud of herself!!! HER words exactly “Im so Happy and Im so Proud of myself”!!!  Im talking about Tracey Casey if you know her YOU know this is a big deal. And yes she was grinning ear to ear every mile!  YEAH!!!

OK so I will end this with who wants to do this more often?

Pic in a min.  For some reason i cant get the whole pic!!


MODIFIED Schedule this WEEK

Hope everyone had a VERY MERRY Christmas and Got lots of Rest! Normal class hours Tue-Thur. Tues & Wed. 9:30 & Friday we will have a 6:15 & 8:30 am & 4:15 5:15 & 6:15 pm. Hints for tomorrows WOD its a Detox WOD and it was a mainsite WOD!!! See you all tomorrow READY TO GO!!!!

MODIFIED Schedule this WEEK

Hope everyone had a VERY MERRY Christmas and Got lots of Rest! Normal class hours Tue-Thur. Tues & Wed. 9:30 & Friday we will have an 8:30 am & 5:15 & 6:15 pm. Hints for tomorrows WOD its a Detox WOD and it was a mainsite WOD!!! See you all tomorrow READY TO GO!!!!

Photos from Thursday Evening and…

ROSS Graduated YEAH!!!

So, no real word of wisdom or chastising for not cleaning up sweat, or chalk or putting away equipment. This evening is a be mellow evening…hope to see you tomorrow morning at the group WOD! AND remember to dress “festive”

WOD December 16, 2011
3 RFT all with a KB (53/35)
10 goblet squats
400m run

From November 14, 2011


You have given 100% effort, you are spent and you end up on the floor, totally exhausted. You get up and you look behind you and there it is… Your very own SWEAT ANGEL!

Sweat Angels are kind of cool looking…Just watch this slide show…

BUT when you are doing BURPEES or PUSHUPS into someone elses SWEAT ANGEL…it is really GROSS!!!!

Please take the time to clean up your sweat angels, there is a wet mop in the gym, just swipe your area lightly…don’t drench it!

20 min AMRAP
400 m run
5 curtis p’s 95/65
10 Bar-Facing Burpees

From November 14, 2011

YOU could be the REAL Winner!!!

SMACK, bragging, SMACK and …..a little gentle joshing….BRAGGING….WHO deserves to walk around CROWING about being a WINNER?

Probably the most deserving person I know is the one least likely to CROW about his accomplishments during the 6 weeks of the challenge.  HE was down and out flat on his back for 4 weeks from mid-July to mid-August and has gone from step ups to box jumps to lifting weights.  HE inspires me EVERYDAY with his WILL to get better and BE better.

SO, who is the REAL winner of the Gobbler Get IT OFF CHALLENGE?  It is YOU and You and me…BUT only if YOU have incorporated what you have learned about diet, exercise and accountability to YOUR EVERY DAY Existence… The WINNERs are those who lived a new eating philosophy and found that they felt better and stronger – AND have kept that UP!  Do you have to EAT that way everyday?  Not really… you have to eat that way REGULARLY for it to have the right effect on you!

So much talk about what YOU were going to eat now that the challenge is over… and SO much talk about how we need to start another challenge for motivation.  PLEASE look deep down inside of yourself.  You had 6 weeks to get used to the NEW YOU and NEW eating habits.  IF you dropped the white stuff, the foods with a high glycemic index, if you ate lean meats and many smaller meals every day then keep keep it UP.  BE responsible for YOURSELF, BE ACCOUNTABLE to yourself… AND if you need an accountability buddy give one of us PCFitters a BUZZ!  WE are here for you, BUT ONLY if you are here for YOURSELF!

WOD December 14, 2011

5 rft


15 OHS (95/65)

legs sore, but do it anyway!

HEARD and OVER HEARD – many times yesterday was comments about Lipson… KUDDOS to EVERYONE who came out and did the WOD of the day despite their leg and low back pain!

WOD December 13, 2011


5 DL (225/155)


9 Box Jumps

100m sprint