Toes 2 Bar – Really??? John Happy Birthday!

GO ALL OUT! Reach deep in and get each WOD done! Don’t watch anyone else just get into your zone and wait for the count down. Then 3,2,1 GO!!!!
Nicole let John Koogler pick his Birthday cool down. Thank you for not choosing BURPEES!!!! Toes 2 Bar take a LOT of ENERGY if you are doing an extra kick between each rep. Watch this video and see what you think. The woman in the video is pulling back a little as she is swinging her legs up. That gives you the moment you need to get you legs us and down for the next rep.

This link from Crossfit Intrepid has step by step directions and a video!

NOT my favorite Crossfit movement, but not my least favorite either!

WOD 5rft

200m run, 5 chest to bar pullups, 10 front squats (115,75), 20 walking lunges

Programming will be getting brutal this week.  Be ready to challenge yourself….

9:30 am class will be Tues., Wed. and Thurs.

OPEN WOD:  We will be doing the OPEN WOD Wednesday night right after it is released, Thursday all afternoon, Friday morning and Saturday at 10 am.



WOD 12.1 I’m “burpeed” out….

So, how do you feel now? You actually did it! You signed up waited for the announcement and voila! WOD 12.1 was one that EVERYONE could do prescribed!  I for one am done with burpees for a while.  AM I happy with my performance?  Not entirely but I am satisfied that I left all my energy on that gym floor – YES!  Today I will NOT be working out, I will be recovering so that I will be ready for the week ahead and the release of WOD 12.2!  How did you do on WOD 12.1?  What do you think will be next?  AND does that really MATTER?  Now we all need to dig deep AND just push through the rest of these OPEN WODs!  GOOD job EVERYONE!  Pearland Crossfit has some go getters and I am proud to be part of your family!

1 Day and Counting!

1 Day and Counting!

Tomorrow the Open Wod is Announced 7pm our time!!! Anyone want to guess what the Wod may be or the movements in Wod 1? Amrap 3 , 5 rounds a Chipper…..HOPE YOU ARE EXCITED AS WE ARE!!!

Today was Skill Day GREAT JOB BY EVERYONE!

Ladies if you plan on attending tomorrow if you want to snack and drink a little we need to get there early like 6:30 because 7pm the painting starts!  Looking forward to it.  Always thinking ahead any ideas for March?  I DO!!!!!!!!  Can you guess this is KAT!  Actually first person to guess gets a free shirt when they arrive! 

OK soo lots of comments here I want to know your guess on the Wods and Ladies what do you think I have in mind for our next outing?

ALSO look at our 5:15 am Class they had Tuesday Collar Shirt day… guessing in Honor of Jon Koogler who I can say can soo PULL OFF a collared shirt to WOD in.


Great Start to A Great Week

3 more days to register for the Open.  Are you registered?  Why not you have nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain.  Also a few of you are signed up for the Open, but will be out of town at times.  Look up now where you will be traveling to look up closes CF Box.  Call them now and talk to owner about coming in and doing Wod.  Any problems let us know.  First Wod is announced Wed at 5pm and scores need to be turned in by Sunday @ 5 p.m.

Ladies dont Forget about Wed. night please comment here if you plan on attending.  Thank YA


5 Pull Ups

10 Push ups

15 Squats

 JOURNAL JOURNAL JOURNAL…..Whiteboard should be back up this week




9:30 Class this week. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Also LADIES if you plan on attending Wednesday night at 7pm please respond here.  We will be going to painting with a twist  in Friendswood.  The price is $35. Linz and I will provide food and wine.  WE Changed to WED night because no morning classes on Thursday.  Your welocome 5 & 6 am warriors!!

Guys Shawn is putting yalls together soon. I heard him and Ryan talking about it.