Short & Fast







Work you way back up

Its HARD dont be SO HARD on yourself!

Do  you realize how much you’ve already done and accomplished?  DO you realize how far you hace come since you first stepped in our box?  TWO very important quesions to ask yourself.   When everyone is  making excuses that it’s too hot to run outside or they don’t have time  to work out because they have kids, you all are getting your butts out  there and throwing some weights.  No excuses for you at all and Nicole tonight opened my eyes to that.  NO EXCUSES getting it done no matter your day, the heat, how bad the kids were today or how bad your boss really ticked you OFF!!!
Tonight was such an eye opener or like I told Renne just a reason why I love CrossFit.  We stayed we cheered Nicole on and I know that WOD almost killed her, but she was doing it!  Sometimes we need to take a step back and instead of obsessing over the whiteboard or how much you did or didnt lift that day.  Or how your back squats was 10lbs off of last week.   Or how you could do pull ups off a band and now your back on a band then the next week your back off of the band.  Today I should have been embarassed about my time, but really I wasnt at all.  I sat back laughed, my shirt was sopping wet with sweat and I coached at 5:15 & 6:15 a.m. and I was glued to the t.v. all night because of the Olympics.  I was physically and mentally beat today, BUT I did the WOD.

POINT is sometimes I think you all at times are really hard on yourself and I think you need to give your self a big pat on the back your friend a high five BECAUSE yall are doing what MOST individuals Cannot DO AT ALL!!!!  Today was a soaring 102 and you worked out in that weather or I should say box.  You wake up early to WOD because you have an afternoon meeting  that will prevent you from making it to an evening WOD,  you make sacrifices so just be proud of what you did that day in the box weather it was a good one or a bad one.
I  know it’s good to be pushed, but maybe next time your ego is crushed,  you think about how far you’ve come, what you are accomplishing and how  you are actually doing something to make your life better!



7 Front Squats 185/120

20 HR Push Ups

400 Meter run




Hard Heavy HOT!

Longest 15 min AMRAP and I wasnt even doing this one, but I was hurting watching you all hammer out the reps yesterday.  Great work everyone is getting stronger everyday!

Establish Split Jerk Max

7 Power Cleans 225/105

7 OH Lunges 45/25

WallBalls 20/14

The 6:15 PM Class was divided Last NIGHT!!!!!!




Let the Journey Begin


From Strongest To Fittest

By AJ Roberts

And so the journey begins.


For those that don’t know me, my name is AJ Roberts and I’m the former 308 All Time Total record holder in powerlifting with best lifts of 1205 squat, 910 bench and a 815 deadlift.

Up until about 2 months ago I trained at Westside Barbell alongside some of the strongest lifters on this planet. However, after 10 years in the sport I decided to walk away having reached all my goals.

Some may say I left too soon, and that the best was yet to come, but I gave everything I had to the sport and mentally had nothing left to give.

I’m now living in San Diego, California and after a few weeks in the gym going through the motions and sort of being at a loss for what to do I’ve decided to set what many may feel is one of the hardest goals there is: To become the fittest man on Earth.

Why Crossfit?

Having spent close to 2 years running the Crossfit powerlifting Certification with Louie Simmons, Shane and Laura Sweatt, and Chris Mason I’ve become a big fan of the community.

Also I’ve always said after powerlifting I’m going to lose 100lbs (320-220) and feel that this is only going to happen if I have something other than weight loss to train for. I’ve followed the sport closely as it has grown and actually get excited about the thought of competing in it.

So what’s the gameplan?

I’ll start with my diet as this is an area that has had to dramatically improve. Although I ate what many would consider a pretty clean diet for a powerlifter the truth is I ate to get bigger and this meant pushing things to the limit. I spent the first month just eating clean and dropped from 320-293 and then for the past 2 weeks I’ve been doing CarbNight loading under the guidance of buddy Mark Bell.

If you haven’t heard of this before he’s a quick little video Mark put together:

The reason I decided to go with CarbNite loading vs other diets is because at this point I have a lot of weight to lose. I probably wouldn’t recommend this to others unless they had a significant amount of weight to lose and would favor more of a carb rotation or backloading approach. But for now this is what I think will work best and so I’ll continue on until I feel it’s time to switch to something else.

As far as training goes my template looks like this


Upper body speed – Olympic lifts

1-2 Assistant exercises for Shoulders

Upper body metcon



Lower body Max effort – singles & or rep maxes

1-2 Assistant exercises for back

Lower body metcon



Upper body max effort – singles & or rep maxes on a bench press or overhead variation

1-2 Assistant exercises for chest & triceps

Upper body metcon



Lower body speed – Box squats / free squats

1-2 Assistant exercises for glutes/hams

Lower body metcon


On my off days I’m trying to get 30-60 mins of interval training in on the elliptical for now. I plan to head down to Crossfit Invictus as well as Crossfit PB to start getting some coaching on technique and to get on the rings and other equipment I currently don’t have access to

The biggest things I need to work on right now is my conditioning, flexibility and mobility. I’ll need to get up to 3-5 workouts a day to be ready when the Open starts in February but for now am taking it day by day.


Here’s to a new beginning…


Deadlift Ladder

Deadlift/Box Jumps


Training for the Unknown and Unknowable

Well what a rush just watching the skydivers today.  Shawn, Steve, Matt, Kristi (Matt’s wife), Kristi Resse.  They made it and they are ready to jump again.  Who’s going next.  Im in this time.  This is the second time Ive been to Spaceland Skydive this summer and have not jumped.  Ladies Shawn Matt and Steve bought another jump, but I need some females to join!!!!





Run 200 Meters


OH Squats 115/75


Run 200 Meter




Well We have had a bunch of questions and comments about the “new” class going on at 5:15.  ITS NOT FOR THE COOL KIDS. Its a trial class who are following the OUTLAW elite programming.  Nothing is set and Shawn will Iron out details sometime the first of August.  May be a try out may just be for people that want to compete.  We really dont know yet, but if this is something your interested in or want to compete let us know.  Please do not feel like we have chosen or not chosen YOU.  We will have details in August so just bear with us why we figure this out.

IF YOU DID TODAYS WOD IM JEALOUS!!!! Its one of the hardest WODS we do and have done in our box!  Thats why we have coined it our PCF WOD and we just want to say that other gyms have tried this to see who could finish in the 25min. cut off.  In our box RX only Eric, Steve, Lindsey, Sean Mata, & Shawn McDonald and i think Teneric.  If i missed anyone I apologize sincerely

30 20 10 20 30

KB Swings

KB Snatchs

Push Ups

Sit Ups


I read a blog on CrossFit games and it was one of the best i have read in a while so i would like to share.  YES IT HAS CURSE WORDS SO ITS NOT FOR THE WEAK OR PEOPLE THAT DONT AGREE WITH THE F WORD BEING DROPPEDDay 262 of 365: Reflections

CrossFit Central is the 13th fittest affiliate in the world!!!

That’s right!  The CC team took 13th at the CrossFit Games!  This is something that I have spent the last couple days processing and digesting, which is why I have not been posting lately.  I felt I needed some time to fully process everything that happened in Cali, as well as grasp the true weight of what we did as a team.   I will warn you know….some of what I’m about to share is blunt and potentially offensive.  It is not my intent to upset anyone, but only to be completely genuine with y’all.  These are some of my thoughts:

1.There are a lot of fucking pretenders out there.

It was impossible to throw a rock and not hit 5 people that were thinking to themselves, “I could do that!”  I find this almost comical, mostly disrespectful, but also comical.  Not a single person knows what type of dedication, focus, and commitment it took for those athletes to get to the top of the sport of fitness, CrossFit.  I include myself in that previous statement, FYI.  I know exactly what it takes to be a part of one of the top teams in the world.  I’ve been on 2.  That being said, I have no clue what it takes to be an individual.

I bring this up because there were countless times that people would walk up to one of us on the CC team and, although they meant well, would offer their “should have’s”, “could have’s” and general “expertise” in any area they thought they understood.  I’ll say this again, I understand that they meant well, but doing what we did. Training the way we did for the durations that we did made me feel that these people had no fucking clue what it takes to do what we did.

One word comes to mind; COMMITMENT.  The absolute commitment that each of us exhibited during our march to the Games is something that very few people practice, or are willing to even consider.  For many of these “experts”, it’s difficult for them to NOT drink each and every weekend!  You think Rich Froning, Matt Chan, Jeremy Thiel, Michael Winchester, Jessica Estrada, or Carey Kepler drink and party every week?  Hell no!!!  They had a mission that they were completely committed to.  Nothing was going to get in the way of that mission.  Nothing.

Consider this before you tell your coach that you want to be a Games Athlete….Please:

What would you TRULY be willing to sacrafice to train for the Games?  Trust me, it requires more than you can imagine.  Your body and your mind are tested every day, as the Games season is long and grueling.  It is not just hitting the gym for the quick WOD.  Not anymore.  It is a second job! 

In conclusion of my first thought, think twice about how your naivete may come across to those who sacrifice everything for several months each year to reach a goal that is difficult for many of us to even comprehend.  Don’t belittle it with your “expertise”.  Try to understand it.  Respect it.

2. Expectations vs. Outcome

I’m sure you can already tell where this is going, but I’m going to spell it out for you….and myself.  There is a huge difference between what you expect and what actually occurs.  We should all know that first hand, right?  The Games were no different.

It was almost every day that the CC team would meet in the gym for one of our 3 hour training sessions….Yes, I said 3 hour, and that was the 2nd session of the day in some cases.  Commitment, anyone?…..and talk about our chances of making it to a podium spot.  We all knew that we, as a team, were extremely capable of making it happen.  We knew that it would come down to the workouts.  When they were released, our team could practically taste the gold!  Now, let me be clear here….It was not cockiness.  Simply, confidence.  We knew it would be a battle, but we also knew that we’d be up for the fight!

Rather than try to re-play each workout, I will save us all a lot of time and say that we had some workouts that did not go our way.  We were very well prepared for the first release of the workouts, but when learning of the little twists that Dave Castro threw in the mix, we were caught.  That is the way of the sport, though.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  WE were responsible for not performing to our abilities is some of the workouts.  No other factor matters.

To wrap this up, this is a rather simple idea to understand.  It is extremely frustrating to know what you are capable of, but when the dust settles, you did not reach your potential.  I’m sure you can all understand that, right?  This is how we felt.  We are absolutely grateful for the opportunity to represent our families, friends, clients, and the CC community at the Games….we just know that we could have done a better job doing it.  Next year!

3. The Defining Moment

My Games experience was packed with amazing experiences and memories that I will never forget, but the one moment that stands out in my mind the most are the moments immediately following the “Fat Bar Workout”.  This may surprise you, as it was the workout that cost us a spot to play on the final day, but let me explain.

It’s true.  That workout was the wrench that fucked everything up for us.  We made mistakes during that WOD that cost us a top 6 finish.  We have all come to grips with that, but through the struggle came a beautiful moment that I will never forget!

Karen Pierce and I were the final team to work our way through the 3 stages of the workout.  Karen stood with 145lbs in the front rack for nearly 2mins and 45secs as I rowed my ass off to reach the 750m mark.  If you know me at all, you know that I am not a fan of rowing because it is not something I’m great at.  But, with Karen standing there holding that weight like a rock, I knew I had to put all of my bullshit aside and work for her!  And I did.

We moved onto the second stage, which involved one person holding 135/95lbs overhead while the other performed burpees.  As a team, we were required to complete 50 burpees to a plate before moving on.  I was the one holding the weight first while Karen knocked out burpees.  I started strong, feeling like Karen looked in the previous stage.  We had some missed reps on the burpees, but I found myself using some techniques learned at my Tony Robbins’ experiences that gave me strength to hold.  Pretty cool.

We made it to the final stage which required one person perform thrusters at 95/65lbs while the other held the top of a dip.  This may not sound all that bad, but given all the work prior to it, it was pretty shitty.  Long story short, we switched up a couple times, but we got it done.  It was truly a battle.

Now, the workout itself was quite the experience, but it is not the defining moment of my 2012 Games.  The moment that I will always remember is once we finished an impromptu group hug, we all stood up and I consciously looked around to soak it in!  We were in the fucking CrossFit Games stadium!  We had a minimum of 10,000 people surrounding us with sound, passion, and an energy that is still hard to fathom.  I wanted my teammates to realize this as well, so I told them to “take a look around!  Look where we are!”  Everyone felt the power of that moment.  And that is all that matters.

That moment made all the blood, sweat and tears worth it.  It validated all the grueling work we put in preparing for this stage.  It’s a moment that fuels us all to make it back to the big stage and showcase our individual abilities and our unbreakable connection with each other.  Again, that is all that matters.





Friday one of our members in the morning Mitch Dr. Mitch that is moved to Missouri City he will be greatly missed and hopefully he comes and visits us on occasion.  He has been with us for about a year or longer and such a great stand up guy!!!!


5 Clean and Jerks

50 Double Unders

5 Clean and Jerks

rest 1 min

max effort burpees for a min

rest 1 min

3 Rounds


CrossFit Games Recap 2012

Well, another CF Games season is over and what a show the competitors put on for the world to see! I hope YOU ALL got a chance to watch some, if not ALL, of the coverage.  I at times wish I could have listened to the live stream just to here the history and stories, but wouldnt trade my seat or ticket for anything.  WHAT a weekend.  I kept saying this year isnt going to be as good. Im not going to have as much fun and it was all that and so much better.  Everyday Ryann and I sat with Atomic CrossFit, P3, Skyline, C4, Clutch CrossFit, Bayou City CrossFit, CrossFit Katy, All Sport CrossFit  and I would have to say we were a roudy group and  made life long friends and please drop in and visit there boxes if your in the area.  All Houston based boxes

On the women’s side of things, Annie Thorisdottir repeated as champion “duh” with nearly a 100 point victory over her nearest competitor. And she deserved it! ALSO Good Lord she was always smiling and having a Blast.  She was also the only athlete that we asked how they felt on the last day at the after party she was the ONLY ONE that said “I FEEL GREAT!”  Everyone else  ”im tired, im a little sore etc…….One word AMAZING!

On the men’s side, Rich Froning also repeated as champion…and also did so with more than a 100 point victory – this means he could have SAT OUT the final WOD and still took 1st Place!  And he still busted his A$$ on the third day.  The “Fromance” shirts sold out on day 1 at the games SHOCKED…..nahhhh he’s cute NOT MY fav, but alot girls FAV!!! My heart is still with the Originals Spealler, (oh his shirt sold out before Fronings ;)  & Khalipa who were crowd favorites the stands went crazy when they went to work.  I got chill bumps everytime actually the last heat of the girls and guys went.  YOUR probably saying CHEEZY, but you just wait until YOUR THERE next YEAR watching LIVE!!!!!!  The greatest show on earth!!!  If this year was better I cant wait until Next.

Now that Im back I have been asked no less than 10 times are you fired up motivated and ready?…..WELL UMMM…..maybe hang it up and eat a dozen doughnuts ;)   THEY are incredible athletes and Congratulations to them all.  Individuals, Teams, & Masters (I feel like Masters dont get the love they deserve)!!!!!!



1 Mile time trial


3 Wall Walks

7 Pull Ups

9 Box Jumps


IF YOU CANT READ THIS PIC….well text me and ill send you the pic.  281 650-5524






A. Skill:

Clean and Jerk – establish a 1RM


Karen With a Twist

Crossfit is not only challenging to our body, but it challenges our mind.  I can distinctly recall the groans after Karen would be posted on the board and how you thought you could never finish.  Now after months of hard work you see not only Karen, but in addition the dreaded double unders.  And we all made it through the WOD and I have heard several people set PR’s on Karen even with the double unders.

Great work athletes!

150 Wall balls 20/14
Every minute on the minute do 10 double unders


Enjoy The Cool Weather

3 rounds
20 power cleans 95/65
20 hand release pushups