Halloween WOD

Catch me if you can! We didnt keep an official score on this WOD just dont get caught or burpees!

5 station WOD 2 work rows 2 people going every 3o sec. with 5 min. working time

5 Squat Cleans 135/95

5 different size box jump overs


10 sit ups

10 plyo push ups

10 ring dips

10 wall balls

Lindseys 30th birthday WOD


30 pullups

3 rounds 10 hang cleans 95/65
10 Kettlebell Swings 70/53
10 Thrusters 95/65
200 meter run

30 Double unders


Breaking the Mental Barrier….Your body can handle more than your mind thinks it can

Breaking the Mental Barrier
Written by Josh Bridges

The mind is a powerful thing, it can help you get through tough times, or it can cause you to crumble like Greg Norman in the ‘96 Masters. The strong learn how to handle and control their mind when it starts to rant, rave and tell them to stop what they’re doing. The weak let it take over and OWN them.

Is it possible to develop strategies to break your mental barrier?  Absolutely. I prevent this little boss in my head from taking over in a couple of ways.

One more rep.
When that voice inside your head is screaming at you to “put down the barbell” or “get off the bar,” you fight back with one more rep. Completing just one more rep when everything inside of you is telling you to stop is a sure way to grow your mental muscles, and the next time you might do two more reps. Over time, this builds and you begin to control that voice.

Small Goals.
When I am in the middle of a workout, I always have small goals in my head. Small goals add up to big goals. For example, if my workout calls for 30 heavy thrusters, my first goal might just be to get to 5 thrusters.  When I get to 5 and still feel good, I start thinking, “good, I’ll do 5 more without rest,” and when I get to 10 and start to feel fatigued I might just talk myself into “two more.” But at 12, I might use the “one more rep,” and then do it again.  After a few “one more rep” goals, I am at 16 or 20 . . . and all of a sudden I might be close enough to 30 to either take a quick break and knock out the rest in one set, or even finish it off by chipping away on more rep at a time.

Break through that wall.
My old wrestling coach used to yell at us when he saw us start to break mentally, “Break through that wall, it’s the only way to get strong.” He would say it over and over again. We would barely be able to stand up on the mat, but we never wanted to lose the mental battle, so we would fight and fight until we physically could not stand any longer. That became so deeply ingrained that now when things get rough I can still hear his voice yelling “Break through that wall.”

Your body can handle more than your mind thinks it can. Don’t let that little boss in your head beat you; go out there and show it that you are the boss!

Check out more of Josh on the Rogue Athlete Site here.

GRACE….Another Benchmark MAKE sure you are jounaling!!!! Weights, times, how you felt what you ate that day how much sleep etc…


Ground to Overhead 135/95


“Kelly” Enough SAID

Kelly Enough Said other than we will NOT be waiting another year to do her Again!!!  Good Job everyone.



Practice those DU’s

Make sure that you are working on your weaknesses before and after WODS.  Especially those dreaded double unders :) Also look into getting a rope that is measured just for you.  RX makes a great rope! http://rxjumpropes.com/


Jumping rope combines speed, agility, coordination, balance and even endurance into a single movement. Advanced jump rope moves, such as the double-under, add a power component as well. The two basic types of jumps are the single-under and the double-under. Single-unders are regular jump roping where the rope passes beneath your feet once with every jump. Double-unders are where the rope passes underneath your feet twice with every jump.

Requirements for the double-under: The jump rope passes under your feet two times with a single jump.

Double-unders are a difficult skill to learn, so don’t get frustrated. Add a couple minutes of double-under practice to your warm-up and you will be a pro in no time!

Here are a few tips to perfect your double-under:

  • Look straight ahead to maintain balance.
  • Keep body upright and balanced with the weight on the balls of the feet.
  • Jump only high enough to clear the rope (1 inch off the ground)
  • Land lightly on the balls of your feet.
  • Keep your elbows close to your sides.
  • Relax and don’t forget to breath!


SHort & FAST

25 Double Unders

10 Deadlifts

25 Double Unders

600 Meter Run

10 Deadlifts

25 Double Unders

10 Deadlifts




http://sabrinakphotography.zenfolio.com/pcfoktoberfest  PASSWORD “pearland” here is a link from all the pictures

This post is about Oktoberfest Obliteration IV! Yesterday was OOIV. This competition, run by the Munson’s Pam and Matt over at CrossFit Champions, has quickly become one of the biggest competitions in the area, and of course a lot of big names and awesome athletes come out to compete. It’s always a ton of fun and this year was no different.

We had 7 athletes compete from our Box.  And we could NOT BE MORE PROUD OF THEM ALL they ROCKED EVERY SEC OF EVERY WOD!

Matt Farr he comes in the afternoons, used to drop in the mornings and hes fast and loud and intense at times (& i can say this b/c i tell him all the time ;) you may know him as always wearing a towel, or a wrist band or lifting accesories ALL of them.  Also one of our newest coaches

Sean Mata  used to be one of our coaches, but he is a true CITY BOY and Houson has his heart.   he used to come in the afternoons and seldom ever misses a Sat. morning class.  Black bandana

Jen Taylor our young little blonde bad ASS full of spunk and a rockin nose ring (jealous)  she is a 5:15 pm attendee as well.  LETS not forget to mention she has only been crossfitting for a little over a year.

Sarah Lay PCF’s SWEETHEART! You couldnt pay her to hurt a FLY!  She attends the 5:15 A.M “dedicated” class! And she is also our new bootcamp instructor and doing helluva job!! (Yes thats a word my word)

THESE 4 athletes represented Pearland CrossFit as a team and ended up on the podium all SMILES!

 John Koogler ELITE men and he rocked it and some of you may not know him because he only trains with that “dedicated” 5:15 am class.  He fought hard never stopped moving EVER!!!!!  A true machine.  This was his first big competition and he went standard and ended up 50th our of 65 guys I think.  AWESOME JOB and we couldnt be more proud!


April Bradshaw she has been crossfitting with us since the beginning and she does our trys to do every fundraiser event wether its competing or just for support.  Someone lit a fire under her booty this weekend and I have personally never seen her move so fast and not stop!! Proud of you all your coaches ARE!!!

Jamie Demeron attends our  Outlaw class and when not attending that you can usually find her in 5:15 p.m. Worked hard and has made leaps and bounds in her training and it truly showed on Sat.  YOU ROCK and keep getting your Strong ON

Renee Moreland wowsers I received 2 texts from 2 different owners at boxes about her!! I did pass along one so she could see, BUT she is a true inspiration!  You can NOW find her in the morning classes since her job promotion.  She rocked every Push Jerk this weekend and that darn slosh ball….WE will get you your own so you can have foreva! ;)

Ryann Albright  She placed 10th last year and 6th this year. You can Always find her in 6:15 p.m. class and she amazes us because she just comes in does the WODS on the board and just goes with the flow.  SO basically just Strong and showed it Saturday.  NOW no more scaled she has to move up to standard.

Everyone did truly amazing and Thank you as well for all the support.  Sabrina “John’s wife” for taking numerous pics.  Tiffany for running with the girls, Amanda, Tran, Marty, Teneric, Danielle, Kat, Haley for coming and cheering on everyone.  BUT most importantly the biggest take away from Octoberfest is this AWESOME GROWING COMMUNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             MONDAY WOD

30 octoberfest sit ups with ball

20 thrusters

800 Meter Run

20 thrusters

30 sit ups


Todays WOD Competition WOD # 3 came from ACO last year

30 Wall Ball Shots

30 Squat Snatch 74/45

3 rds

Tuesday Trama

WOD # 2 of Competition WEEK  The WOD today came from last years Octoberfest Obliteration.  Good job on the heavy weight

200 Meter Run

5 Squat Cleans 185/125  135/95

20 KB Swings Heavy



Monday Funday

WOD 1 for Competition week!!! Dont forget please come out and support our athletes competing this weekend at Octoberfest Obliteration.  It is One of 3 biggest CrossFit Competitions in Texas.  Please visit www.crossfitchampions.com for all the details.


CrossFit Games 2011 WOD

5 Muscle Ups

10 Deadlifts 245/165

15 GHD

50 Meter Run,


100 Meter Run


150 Meter Run


200 Meter Run



Runners….on your mark….get set….

Some of you runners have been asking for WODS here is two and including todays WOD plus some!!!!  Good job today




Single-Sport (SS)

Choose ONE of the following sports:

Swim (TUE): 10-20 x 50m on 1 min

Bike (TUE): 10-15 x 1/4M on 1 min

Run (TUE): 6-12 x 200m w/ 2 min rest

Row (TUE): 6-12 x 200m w/ 2 min rest

Ruck (TUE): 6-12 x 200m @ 35# Ruck/Boots/Utes rest 2 min

Post sport and distances to comments. Maintain consistently difficult efforts across all sets.

Multi-Sport (3S)

Choose ONE of the following sports:

Swim (MON): 10-20 x 50m on 1 min

Bike (WED): 10-15 x 1/4M on 1 min

Run (TUE): 6-12 x 200m w/ 2 min rest


800 M Run

80 sit ups

600 M Run

60 AS

400 M RUN

40 Push Press



100 Meter “sprint”