Well it was a first and I’m in shock we’ve never done Michael and if I’m mistaken and you have a pic please email or text me.  katblanch@hotmail.com

runpicYo man, can you believe that after this 800meter we have to do 50 Back Extensions and 50 sit ups. 3 TIMES!!!!


Wednesday’s “ONLY 1 Round”

Wednesday’s “ONLY 1 Round”

noticeOK YES well im blogging so well I’m going to blog about myself.  Alot of soul searching, goal setting for me lately.  I had to search deep on why I start stop start stop you get the point other than the typical things like kids, husband, activities, school homework, my kids change in the car, snack in the car between activities and sometimes I just feel guilty on spending another hour at the box when I’m not coaching, cleaning or blogging, BUT really a happy ME is a Happy Blanchard household.  Besides all these excuses The real problem is that I get so far behind in training that when I start back I immediately want my strength back, my endurance back and well my (hot naked body back) YEP I said it, but come on some of you were thinking the same thing.  As long as we think its hot or our husbands, or wives.  I want to feel good about myself.  I’ve been working out for the past two weeks sometimes 2 a days some days morning strength then a quick met con & NO I havent gotten faster, stronger or FEEL or LOOK any better and this is where I get tired and give up UNTIL this one little pic I saw and was like “THATS ME” YELLING!!!!!!!!!  THATS MY PROBLEM and yes I preach this everyday “give it time it will come.”  BUT I was there once and I want it back NOW and I just have to be patient and keep trucking.  Some of you have noticed I’ve been writing on my hand with a marker everyday well IF only it was appropriate I would tattoo motivational quotes all over my hands to get me through this not giving up in 2013!!!!!!!  Just a little FYI I have printed this up and its everywhere in my car, on the fridge, and in my bathroom.  Maybe some of you can relate, and the others keep trucking you actually inspire me to want to do better be better!

Lots of texts on this one that read “only 1 round”


200 meter run


7 Heavy KB swings 70/53

9 T2B

200 meter run

200 meter walking lunges



A Look Back!

A Look Back!

If you dont know him I’m sorry you havent met him personally yet!!!!!  One of or I should say the nicest guy, & loving father I have ever met.  I’m glad he is apart of our PCF family~Kat


I would like to thank Pearland Crossfit for helping me through 2011. I was a member the entire year but was only able to attend between 4-6 months. This year, I had a bleeding ulcer, a IT-Band strain, and a sick mother who was in the hospital twice and passed away. Finally, I have been away from PCF for the last three months because of surgery. Through every one of those events this year, my crossfit “FAMILY” called, texted and facebooked to check on me and see if I needed anything. The most special one that I will never forget is when Phyllis aka “NANA” came to my mother’s viewing and gave my daughter Sheri and I a goodie bag with a note that said “Love Your Crossfit Family.” At 55 years old, I have done things this year that I never thought I could do. I remember my first day, a young man named Mark Collins sat down next to me and started telling me his story then he introduced me to his wife Haley. Marty and Pat talked to me and told me their stories. Everyday more people gave me more encouragement. The Coaches were great through it all. I was able to see my daughter compete in two competitions; the first was at the NASA Crossfit and was the most amazing athletic competition that I have ever witnessed. The second was a benefit at PCF and it was good also. Kat and Lindsey talked me into a 24 Day Challenge. I started the challenge on Sept 4, 2012 and I lost 35lbs. I also participated in and finished the Beach Dash! Since then, I’ve had surgery and have been out for three months. I have only eaten three fast food hamburgers since September. My doctor told me the only reason I was able to come back so soon was because of the shape I was in (those air squats every night helped!) I would like to thank all of my Crossfit Family and especially Lindsey, Kat, James, Shawn, Nichole, and I have not worked out with John yet, but Sheri tells me he’s great.  Even though it was a tough year, the outstanding people at PCF helped me through it. I am looking forward to 2013!



NOW FOR TODAYS WOD…..UMMM Lots of words, but really not appropriate for this blog so we will leave it with the name

Jesus Prep……EASTER is coming up!

200 Meter Barbell walk 135/95

30 Wall Balls





Pearland CrossFit Advanced Training Group Announcement

We’ve been teasing it for a few weeks now, I’ve even talked to a few of you one-on-one about it, but on Tuesday, January 29th, at 7:15PM we will have an informational meeting at the box to discuss the creation of our “Advanced” training group for Pearland CrossFit.  This is something we are excited about adding to our regular line-up and in order to address the needs of some of our athletes who are ready to take their CrossFit to the next level.  As with everything at Pearland CrossFit, our overall goal is nothing short of excellence in the product we bring to our athletes, both in means and method.  As such, Advanced sessions will be programmed and coached by Carl Edwards who brings thirteen years of coaching and training experience to Pearland CrossFit for the benefit of our athletes.  Carl is a true fitness professional and we are excited about the opportunity to have him join our coaching staff.

Advanced training classes will be held three times weekly, Tuesday evening, Thursday morning and Thursday evenings.  Participants in the advanced training groups will also have access to additional “Open Gym” times and weekend “Training Camps” as per the coaching discretion of the PCF owners and staff.

Our original intent was to open this class up to all who wish to participate, but after much discussion and consideration, it was determined that this was just not feasible within the goals of the program.  As we strive to provide a construct that is both safe and effective for our athletes, due to the complex technical nature of the lifts and workouts being coached during these sessions, space will be limited to 12 athletes per session.  At this time, we will be accepting 12 athletes for the 2x weekly evening sessions, and 12 athletes for the 1x weekly morning session.  Each Advanced class will last approximately an hour and a half (90 minutes) in duration and will include warm-up/ mobility work, weight lifting and conditioning components.

Along with regular attendance at the scheduled training sessions, we will also ask that the athletes plan to meet the additional following guidelines:

1)      Participation in major local/regional competitions.  While not officially creating a “Competitors Only” team, we have had many members indicate a desire to participate in the “Sport of Fitness.”  This opportunity is being provided to afford them the additional coaching instruction required to compete and the max extents of their potential.

2)      Continued participation in regular “main-group” workouts.  Where CrossFit holds the ideal of “Community” as one of its core tenets, it is important that all athletes remain fully engaged with the PCF member population.  This is NOT about setting apart an elite group of athletes who believe themselves above the coaches and athletes of our main-group classes.  We are simply providing an additional avenue of improvement for those with the time, energy and desire to pursue the higher level aspects of our sport.

3)      Commitment to the values of teamwork, community, integrity and sportsmanship before winning.  This is not a “Win at all costs” group.  Yes, we all want to capture a podium spot at the next big local comp, but as demonstrated by Cobra Kai, Lance Armstrong, White Goodman and the Oakland Raiders, winning means nothing if not done with integrity!

Cost for participation in this program will be $30/month for the 2x weekly evening sessions and $15/month for the 1x weekly morning sessions.  To participate you must also have a current monthly “Unlimited” membership.