9:30 AM Classes for this Week

9:30 AM classes this week will be held on Monday (4/1), Wednesday (4/3) and Friday (4/5).

CrossFit Open WOD 13.4 Judging

3 WODs down, 2 to go,,, who’s now looking forward to Wednesday evenings more than any other night of the week?  I know I am! Last weeks 13.3 brought us a repeat from 2012, any guesses on 13.4 this week?  Smart money is on pull-ups somewhere in this weeks WOD.

Learning anything else about yourself in the Open this year?  Maybe identifying some weaknesses you need to work on?  More than likely you’re finding that no matter what it feel like sometimes, you’re getting better!  Personally, I’ve had my faith in the community of support and encouragement we’ve built here at the gym reaffirmed!  How awesome has it been seeing our athletes cheered on by 30 other people as they battle through each weeks WOD?  How awesome is it, when it’s your turn to go, to hear the shouts and the encouragement from others helping push you on?  I know my performance in each one of my workouts wouldn’t have been possible without the encouragement I’m getting from our coaches and athletes during each attempt!

Well this week presents a bit of a scheduling crunch due to the holiday weekend.  Please take a look at the schedule below and make sure you get in and get your 13.4 judged and done!

Thursday – 7:00PM – 8:00PM

Friday – 5:30AM – 7:00AM & 10:30AM to 12:00PM

Saturday – 9:00AM – 12:00PM

Sunday – EASTER – No Open Judging at PCF

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13.3 WOD Judging

Hey all! We’ve got a lot of people that need to do Open WOD 13.3 early this week, so we’re going to shake up our judging schedule this week to make sure everyone gets an opportunity to get it in and even try to have a little fun Wednesday night!

First, we are going to kick-off 13.3 with judging immediately following the WOD announcement by CrossFit HQ tomorrow (Wednesday) night at the box. Come hang out starting at 7 (or a few minutes before) to catch the announcement and see our athletes take it on live with the pros! Coaches will spend time with each athlete before they make their attempt to develop a strategy and cover any specifics of the WOD to ensure their best performance!

Other times open for judging will be as follows:

Thursday evening beginning at 7:00PM we will be judging 13.3 WODs.

Friday, we will be judging that morning beginning at 6:00AM.

Saturday morning we will begin judging at 10:00AM

As always, please come out and cheer our athletes on!

All athletes please let us know in the comments below when you plan on attempting your 13.3 WOD. Please note, we will not have Sunday coverage this week for judging.

CrossFit Open Saturday (3/16) – No Open Gym

There will be no ‘Open Gym’ workout this Saturday (3/16) as our athletes will be performing their CrossFit Open 13.2 workouts for official scoring.  For anyone who is not participating in the CF Open, come out to the gym anyway and cheer these athletes on and see what the excitement is all about, it’s a great atmosphere and you will be glad you came out!

As a reminder to our athletes, we will be judging Friday starting at 5:15PM and Saturday starting at 9:45AM.  There will be a sign-up on the whiteboard in the gym when you arrive to secure your spot in the line-up.

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CrossFit Open WOD Judging Schedule

“Are you ready?”

You’ve heard it for months now, but we are finally here, the first WOD of this years CrossFit Open will be released Wednesday evening and tens of thousands of registered athletes will begin competing to see how they stack up against other CrossFitters across the globe, and possibly for their spot at the 2013 CrossFit Games.

“Are you ready Pearland CrossFit?”

Your coaching staff knows you are!  Our athletes have been rocking and rolling this year on their way to amazing levels of fitness, and now it’s our turn to show the world where we stack up!  We have established the following schedule for our athletes to come in and have their Open WODs judged.

Friday’s (from March 8th to April 5th) 6:00AM and 5:15PM
Saturday’s (from March 9th to April 6th) 10:00AM to 12:00PM

Want to practice the Open WODs?

Perfect!  We will be performing the WODs as a group during our Thursday training sessions as practice.  During these sessions our coaches will give tips and strategies for making sure you have the best performance you’re capable of when it’s “go” time.  These workouts will also allow those not signed up for the Open the chance to follow along as well and hopefully get inspired to compete next year.  Remember, these group sessions will be for practice only!  You will have to come during one of the times noted in bold above to be officially judged for your score to count.

“What if I can’t make one of the above sessions due to unforeseen circumstances one week?”

Every effort should be made to attend one of the above noted judging sessions, but sometimes life happens.  Should circumstances prevent you from attending on of the planned sessions, please contact John, Kat or Lindsey and we will try and work with you to find a time to get your WOD judged.

Other questions?  Just ask!  We will be more than happy to answer any other questions you may have about this years CrossFit Open and how you can participate!

Good luck!  You are ready!