“Hamstring Hell”

Let me introduce you to your hamstrings.

You’ll be very aware of them for the next few days…

We revisited 11.2 today with great results

15 minute AMRAP:
9 Deadlifts
12 clapping Push-ups
15 Box jumps

You should be feeling the intensity and volume that we have been giving you all and

it will only continue for the next 5 weeks or so before we see a deload week.

Please take care of yourselves!

Roll, stretch,hydrate (even if its freezing outside), fuel, refuel, stretch some more! We

only have you for approx. 1hr a day it is up to you to to make correct choices the other


Kill Cliff will be restocked this week.

2015 Open is knocking at the Door

We will be READY!!

We started today in preparation for the open with a

7 min AMRAP of


May seem cruel but this is a previous open WOD and there is really no better

way of amping up cardio then adding in some burpees. It is also a mental challenge.

How hard will or can you push yourself? Ask yourself this question every time

you walk through the doors of Pearland Crossfit.

Results will follow.


Happy New Year

This year make the decision to invest in your health. More important than resolving to get in shape, choosing the right fitness program & facility to accomplish your goals is crucial to your success. Why do so many New Year’s fitness resolutions fall by the wayside? Because most  people don’t have a plan. As the saying goes “a goal without a plan is just a wish”

We will make the plan, keep you accountable & help you achieve your goals! We have tons of specials you can sign up for the first 3 months for $333, you can try it out for 1 month for $75! check out our website
or call (281) 650-5524 for more details! Get signed up by Jan. 5th