More Burpees

More Burpees

Its getting hot so make sure you are drinking enough water through out the day.  Here is a good chart you can go by.

daily water chart



A) 50 bar facing burpees for time

then immediately

AMRAP 6 min

3 over the bar burpees 1 Power Snatch 135/95

3 over the bar & 2 Power Snatch

& continue to add a snatch every round


1/2 Cindy+Some

1/2 Cindy+Some



Back Squat

Work up to previous 1RM once there ME at that weight



5 C2B pull ups

10 Defecit push ups

15 goblet squats  53/35

a little throw back….Linz and I doing Cindy in 09…..ohhhh my