OH Squat – 3@70%,  3@80%, 3+@90%

For Time
800M Run
5 Rds
5 Pull-Ups
10 HR Push-Up
20 Squats

Coaches Note:

Glad to see a lot of folks get after our “Intensity” week last week?  3 “Named”  benchmark WODs! Were there any PR’s out there?  Yes? Keep up the work! No? Again, keep up the work!

It’s important that as athletes we don’t focus too much on a single workout or result to gauge improvement, consider the whole body of work.  You may have missed a PR last week in spite of consistently being in the gym, but how have all of your workouts been lately? Have you been finishing further and further up the board?  Have you been feeling great and hitting small victories like pull-ups without a band, Rx weights in the WODs, good depth on your squats that you weren’t able to hit before?

Remember, there are lot’s of ways to measure progress, just don’t get two caught up in the singular data points if the whole of the data collection is pointing towards improvement.