Who’s your rabbit?  Do you have one yet?

rab·bit  (rbt) n. pl. rab·bits or rabbit 1. Any  of various long-eared, short-tailed, burrowing mammals of the family  Leporidae, as the commonly domesticated Old World species Oryctolagus cuniculus or the cottontail. 2. Sports A CrossFitter who always beats your booty in a WOD.
I  know I work harder at the box than I do by myself.  When I’m out of  town and try to run alone, I always have that little voice tempting me  to just stop and walk for a little bit.  At the box, I know if I walk,  those steps I hear behind me are going to pass me.  Or that athlete way  out in front of me is just going to get farther away.  The desire not to  get lapped and the knowledge that there’s someone on my tail definitely  help me push through the discomfort and just keep running.
The  truth is, I have different Rabbits for different things.  Mel (blonde Mel Mcneish)…  good Lord, I don’t know that I’ll ever keep up with her on a run, but I  try not to let the gap widen too much HAAA and usually she 600 Meters in front of me.  I watch Tammeka do pull-ups ( buterfly that is) and how fast Jenn moves the bar all  with awe and envy. Renee on well I could go on here um burpees, HSPU’S, etc..  And Lori I have no words other than if ONLY I was that GOOD.   I know I work harder with these athletes (AND OTHERS) around me,  and that makes me better than I was yesterday.  Even if I never catch  my rabbits, they help me pass myself every day.
The  cool thing is… you may be someone’s rabbit and not even know it.  Or  you may have a rabbit who isn’t even in your class.  You know those  evening people look at the morning scores.  Ever wonder how someone in  another class beat you by just a few reps or seconds?  They might have  had your score in their head.  I know I’ve done that before.
I  really love that friendly competition that happens in CrossFit.  It’s  fun, but it’s also a powerful motivator.  Keep it friendly, but don’t  stop chasing those rabbits!

2 min rounds
200 meter run each round then:
Thrusters 95/65
Goblet squat/pistols 53/35
KB swings 53/35
Box Jumps 24/20 inch
SDHP 95/65