We talk about teams and team work all the time. Most Saturdays we are divided up randomly into teams that have to work together to get through yet another fun and grueling group workout! I have the most fun working with the drop ins, the first timers. I love having the chance to share my Crossfit story and my love of Crossfit! I hope to encourage and inspire those that are looking for that something different that will engage them and keep them working out, getting them fit! I like to tell folks I don’t exercise…I work at getting fit!

Back to Teams… in order for our box to get a TEAM to regionals, we need to have individuals signed up. WE NEED lots of YOU to try! IT isn’t just about maybe producing a Pearland Crossfit TEAM! It is about challenging and pushing yourself. Be UNCOMFORTABLE and spend the $20 to try. Kendall is in, I am in… those are ALL that I know for sure that have signed up.

Dig deep… take a deep breath and click on the games website link, create a profile and pay your $20. In my books even taking that step is monumental, you are telling the whole world that you are a CROSSFITTER!