Today is the day!  I vow to stop belly aching about the aching!  Soreness and aches come

Jen and Garrett!

with working out, especially if you give the workout your all.  Rest days are important, remember that the BOX programming is done in such a way that all the muscle groups are hit every 3 days or so.  Missing a WOD because it is day4 for you is not detrimental to your training.  In fact, it is necessary for recovery.  Do you have to be devoid of aches to workout, NO but do give your body a rest day at least one day and preferably 2 days a week (I am averaging 1.5/week).

When I saw the WOD sheet Friday night and saw that I had to do 4 WODs on Saturday it was a bit overwhelming. BUT I signed up to do the competition, so I knew I had to follow through and complete it!  I figured out that I am 1)tougher than I thought AND 2) that the best part of these competitions is meeting women closer to my age who DO crossfit!  AND 3) that I love sharing my fitness journey with younger women, I hope that they see me and think I CAN do this, if someone her age can do this!

Sign up, enter a competition, you will never really be READY, but you will get yourself prepared and DO YOUR BEST!

WOD – 5RFT (10 SDHP (95/65) and 20 wall ball shots)