The Regulators win the Gobbler Get IT OFF CHALLENGE!!!!!  So proud of you all.   I would have to say you went into the Team WOD as the underdogs.  I think you had 4 people that could not make it.  A coach that could NOT make it and some miscounting in the beginning, but in the end it didn’t matter.  You pushed hard, Your Helen times significantly improved your coach Nicole just said to me on the phone they were truly dedicated, a whole lot of passion the whole six weeks of this challenge.  Basically they took the I Cant out of the equation and put the I COULD!  Regulators team was Stephanie Cody, Dawn Stuckey, Steve Blanchard,  Kendall Riley Gill, Taylor R., Christine Gilson, Kris Sowell, Jody Cornelius, Nicole Guerra, John Koogler (injured), Beth Morre, Kali Samperi.  VERY PROUD OF EVERYONE that COMPETED you are ALL WINNERS in our BOOK!!!!  NOW LETS keep it up this is just the beginning! ~Kat 

The most improved person on each team will receive a goody bag.  We are still going through all the pics for   those results.  ALSO we will post scoring sheet on whiteboard if you all would like to see how it was all scored. 

Shawn, Linz & I would like to Thank all the coaches that dedicated there extra time to help with this challenge.  We appreciate it more than you will ever know.  So big thanks To Chad, Jenn, Garrett, Nicole and Kevin.

Also a BIG THANKS to everyone that joined us in this competition.  NEXT one will be bigger and better!!!!!