OK DONT SHOOT THE MESSENGER or I should say BLOGGER!  I did not receive a pic from the last coach that coached tonight mentioning no names 😉  but the WOD was a benchmark “Nancy” ohhhh she is so much fun.  Especially for the guys that love OH Squats.  400 Meter Run 15 OH Squats.

NOW for Announcements GUYS & GIRLS that are interested in the advance class. WE will have tryouts to take TOP 6 guys and girls.  So basically if your interested and there has been TONS of questions about what the 5:15 pm group is doing if your interested please come to the meeting on Monday @ 7pm.  NOW right now they are doing the class at 5:15 but that is not set in stone.  So if your reading this “morning” group and are interested please attend the meeting for more info.  ALSO starting in September we will have an Olympic Lifting Coach with a 20 year background  he is Level 2 USAW .  Level 1 CrossFit Certified, Olympic and Powerlifting Certified through CrossFit as well.  Strength and Conditiong Certified for the past 20 years.  Not only has he been a coach he has competed as an athlete.  And his 2 girls Junior Youth Olympics just placed bronze this week.  I could type all his credentials but we would be here all night long.   He currently coachs olympic lifting classes at 3 CrossFit gyms so we are very excited to bring him to PCF!!  Also for all you Rudy followers he will be with him in two weeks why they sit on a new training program for our Olympic Lifting athletes in Colorado.  Pretty cool. Basically they are being coached by the Olympic Athletes coachs.  JUST A LITTLE FYI 😉  OK well to be honest I thought if I blogged for awhile I would receive a text of the board, but I did not 🙁

ALSO you have another chance to jump out of an airplane if you would like Friday at 8 a.m. Spaceland Skydive if you are interested.  WOO HOO!!!!!  I hear its ALOT of fun…..OBVIOUSELY they are jumping again!!!

I SAY IT ALL THE TIME…..I DO LOVE YOUR SWEAT ANGELS, but PLEASE spray them off or mop them up with Simple Green.

Also THERE is a REASON why FOOTBALL players dont do 2 a days all the time.  Be smart about your training & recoverrry.

ALSO if you are wanting to and WE ARE ENCOURAGING you to please be on the phone/computer whatever you hae READILY available on AUGUST 12th they are opening the Registration for one of the biggest and best Competitions in Texas.  Octoberfest Obliteration.  *********ATTENTION************ IF IM NOT MISTAKEN IT SOLD OUT IN 3min. last year!!! We luckily only got 1 team in last year SO THIS year we are wanting you all to represent so MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!…………………..ok still no pic sorry time for me to eat my Chick fil A 😉