After 5:15 Wod………

On September 17th thousands of CrossFitters will be enduring 17minutes of PURE grit & dedication in honor of those who have sacrificed their whole lives to service.  We will be there please check out our page and support our 17 minutes. Fight Gone Bad we will host at our Box September 17th 9a.m we encourage each and every one of you to please sign up or donate to this cause.  Hope to see you there!

ALSO 9:30 am Class will start next week. IT will ONLY be a WEEKLY Basis.  We will post here on the BLOG on Sundays what days we will have 9:30 am.  DUE to our busy shift schedules in the week this is the only way we could do 9:30 a.m.  Kevin, Lindsey & Kat will be sharing this class so you will have 1 of them coaching class.

TODAY was a little KB wod this one snuck up on you!

200 Meter Sprint

5 Right Arm KB Snatch 53/35

5 Left Arm KB Snatch

10 Heavy Swings 70/for guys 53/for girls

5 Burpee Pull Ups


Jo MODIFIED but did 12 min of hard work

Teneric 18:33 RX

Fay 16:55 44/35

Lisa 26:15 26/18


Shawn Wednesday WOD


Jody 8:00 of WORK

Jenn 15:51 RX

Eric 15:31 RX

Jacob 26:08 53/44

Nicole 27:44  44/35

Chris    17:24   35/44

John     23:04  RX

Mark Baseline 1/2

Haley Baseline 1/2