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No WOD Saturday 11/2

Just a quick note, we won’t be having our regular 9:00AM Saturday WOD on Saturday (11/2). We will be out at the CrossFit EaDo Elite Open supporting some awesome athletes! We know it’s been a while since we all got the chance to WOD together on Saturday morning, but what a fantastic Fall competition season it’s shaping up to be!  Just last weekend at CrossFit Unities ‘Beast Wars’, Kris Sowell and Keegan Lucas were robbed of a guaranteed top 3 finish by a miscount in the scoring tally at the end of the day!  Chris and Erin Mitchell also made a great showing after just coming back out of CrossFit retirement, and Sheri Girardi gave it her all after a late team member change.
This Fall’s season will be wrapping up for us with our first annual “Fall Classic” competition on November 16th.  This event will showcase some of the regions top teams in an elimination style tournament.  Come out and support our gyms competitors, or offer a hand as a volunteer if you’re interested in helping!

Spirit of Competition – Oktoberfest Obliteration

I always find it difficult to express in words the inspiration I feel after watching our Pearland CrossFit athletes put themselves “out there” in the spotlight of competition.  I mean, I get inspired emotionally by a lot of what goes on in our box on a daily basis; seeing PRs broken, lives literally transformed, fitness goals achieved, dramatic changes in body composition, average folks doing the extraordinary, but nothing really inspires me like competition!

Why?  It’s scary, it’s uncomfortable, crowds are watching, expectations surround, and no matter what, you’re never really “ready”.

So today I want to extend a huge congratulations to our athletes who competed in yesterday’s Oktoberfest Obliteration V.  As far as competitions go, outside of the Games and Regionals events, this is about as big of a stage as you can compete on.  In almost every category, these athletes were competing against the sport’s top competitors.

GilbertTalk about guts? In his first CrossFit competition, Gilbert Valdez showed up knowing that the 135# snatch may be more than he could handle.  Guess what?  It wasn’t!  Snatching 135# almost a dozen times in WOD 2 of the day, Gilbert made a great showing in the Masters division.  Talk about a guy who proves age is only a number, we can’t wait to see Gilbert compete again!





KelseyOnly 4 months into the sport, young Kelsey Pincus has again shown her mettle!  Proving that sometimes you just have to ignore those voices in your head saying you’re not ready and go for it, Kelsey threw herself in on a team with competitors who each had over two years CrossFit experience each.  No pressure right?  Kelsey put up some major weight and proved she could hang with any athlete in the field.







KarlHow about driving in from out of state the night of the event, completing the previous day’s event at 11:00PM the night before, and then making it out the next morning to complete another full day of events?  Now that’s heart! That’s Karl Hines! Making heavy weight look light, Karl competed in a field complete with CrossFit games athletes and others from the top of our representing Pearland CrossFit in a manner in which we can all be proud.  Karl is a fierce warrior in competition who carries himself humbly and is always there to encourage others, we are thankful such an awesome individual chooses to be a part of our gym family.




BenLast minute team changes? CrossFit was founded on the “unknown and unknowable”.  How about a phone call the day before the city’s biggest competition asking if you would join a team of complete strangers and compete? Ben Guidry was the man, and did he ever come through for us!  One of AllSport CrossFit’s coaches and original athletes, Ben demonstrated the true spirit of CrossFit as well as coming through for us in a big way in every single event of the day! Thanks Ben for saving the day!



And what else can we say about Sara Lay that hasn’t already been said before?  Strong, fast and just an awesome person to have on your team, Sarah breezed through the days events making quick work of any challenge put in her path.  Oktoberfest was really just a warm-up for her big showing in two weeks at the Eado Elite Open competition.  Please come out and support her on November 2nd as she takes on the top CrossFit athlete’s in the city.




If you’ve ever thought about competing, there are always plenty of opportunities.  Talk to one of our PCF coaches if you would like some additional information on where or when these events are held.

No Saturday Class – October 19th

There will be no SATURDAY WOD on October 19th.

Fall is our local competition season for CrossFit, and we’ve got 7 of our athletes who will be competing in tomorrow’s Oktoberfest Obliteration! If you want to get your Saturday CrossFit fix, then come out and cheer them on at the Oakland Farm and Ranch (11035 Spell Rd, Tomball, TX) starting at 8AM tomorrow!

Texas Fall Classic Hosted by Pearland CrossFit

fall classic banner2rev

Registration Opens Saturday, September 14th @ 11:00AM at –
Find us on FaceBook at –
The inaugural “Texas Fall Classic”, to be held on Saturday, November 16th, will be conducted in a unique “elimination tournament” style format. The full day will consist of 6 team style events covering the full range of CrossFit skill domains. Through the course of the competition, the field will be progressively narrowed until a final champion is determined.

All teams are guaranteed participation in the first two events, after which the field will be narrowed and the top 20 teams advance to events 3 and 4 where separate pairs from each team will be chosen to complete each event. After an additional field cut for event 5, the top 3 teams will be advance to the days Final where the champion will be determined.

Top teams must be prepared to take on 6 events as a team, and 5 events for each individual (events 3 & 4 are separate pairs from the team). For the top teams, the day will not only be a test of strength and speed, but also of your work capacity and conditioning.

Teams will consist of 4 individuals, 2 men and 2 women and the order of days events will be as follows:

Event 1 – 40 Teams

Event 2 – 40 Teams

Event 3 – 20 Teams (2 Team Members Participating)

Event 4 – 20 Teams (2 Team Members Participating – other two from event 3)

Event 5 – 10 Teams

FINAL – 3 Teams – Final event result to determine the days 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes.


Client Stories – Chris

Chris came asked me (Jenn) over lunch one day about this “CrossFit thing” that I do. He had heard about it a bit from an employee where he works—Energy Job Solutions—and was curious. I told him to come check us out to see for himself. He seemed skeptical, so I was surprised when he emailed me and committed to 12 days over the month of May. Two months later, Chris is feeling stronger and is going harder at the workouts of the day (WODs, we call them). He has also recruited two more members and started coming in 4-5 times a week. Here is what Chris has to say about CrossFit at CrossFit Resonance:


What brought you to CrossFit?

Wanted to get into some sort of shape, but traditional gyms scare me….I won’t find myself on the weights and treadmills tend to get boring. I wanted something that is challenging and engages me.

I met Jenn (the owner) and she convinced me to try it…I could see her passion and enthusiasm and I was sold to give it a try.

Is it what you thought?

Much different than I thought. The work-outs are quick and hard…..everything has been a challenge, but I love how I feel afterwards.


What are you working on next?

Coming more consistently, working on a better diet.

What is your favorite CFR memory?

Ripping up my shins and making Matt freak out because of the blood…..all new equipment :)

Chris is a recruiter at Energy Job Solutions and will be the recipient of a CrossFit Resonance Founders Club T-Shirt with #1 on the back. Keep up the hard work Chris!

Introducing Our Newest Addition to the Coaching Staff – Niiko Rautiola

By now, most of you have probably had the chance to meet Niiko, in fact if you haven’t, it’s probably because you just haven’t been up at the gym over the past few weeks.  A true CrossFit die-hard, Niiko has quickly integrated himself into Pearland CrossFit and it seems you can find him at the gym, morning or afternoon, offering tips, assistance and encouragement to all of our member athletes in between his own workouts.  Niiko is an awesome athlete to be sure,  but more than that, he’s a great guy with an awesome positive attitude and Pearland CrossFit is excited to introduce him as the newest addition to our coaching staff!  Please join us in officially welcoming Niiko to the Pearland CrossFit family!  photo

Coaching Bio -

Niiko first started CrossFit in 2011 after an old college roommate suggested that he give it a try. He had reached his plateau after years of standard Globo Gym work outs and since being introduced to CrossFit he has seen his overall fitness levels continue to grow. Niiko has always been involved with athletics. He began playing hockey and lacrosse in grade school and continued to play both through out college, earning top honors in each along the way. Niiko has completed two half-marathons and has found a new interest in competing in CrossFit competitions.

Niiko was born and raised in Michigan and attended Michigan Technological University where he earned his Mechanical Engineering degree. His previous job moved him around the Midwest before landing him in Houston in 2012. Being a new-comer to the Lone Star State, the athletes and fellow coaches at CrossFit have become his second family. He is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and has a great passion for fitness. Niiko is always trying to learn more to help keep his fellow athletes and coaches ahead of the curve. He is open to answering any questions you have about CrossFit, nutrition, or overall fitness. You will find him at the box before work and staying late in the evenings to help others.