Morning class……Taylor I think mentioned bar facing burpees should be called Barf facing burpees and I agreed!  GOOD job this week we had some new people hang in there doing a great job Keep up the hard work! Results will COME they ALWAYS DO in CROSSFIT!

School is starting and I know schedules get BUSY mine always does with 2 kiddos 2 different Schools, 2 Different activities, so as a mother I know how hard the school year is getting WODS in BUT here are some things im going to do to make my life a little easier!!

WE will be cooking all our food for the week

Have a calendar of the days I might have to get up extra early to get my WOD in

Stay organized

GET rest


PLEASE comment here or on FB or send ME Kat a text if your still interested in 9:30 Class during School YEAR?  I need 3 people for the class to make!! i think you all have my digits if not you have Shawns 😉

ALSO who is interested in a 7:15 PM class?  PLEASE Comment here or on FB if you are, we need 3 committed people to make class!

ALSO no MORE 7:15 AM Class in the mornings or atleast during the School year unless we have 3 committed people then we will add it!!!

With that being said SPEAK UP LET us KNOW what class your interested in! WE are ALL EARS!



200 Meter Sprint

10 Push Press 95/65

10 Bar Facing Burpees

200 Meter Farmers Carry


Everytime you drop KB YES 5 Burpees on Concrete!


Dawn 9:46   53, 26/18

Stephanie  10:02  53  26/18

Suzanne  12:25   53     26/18

Nanna    11:34    35     18KB

Corrine   10:15   53      26KB

Kylynn     14:32   53     26/18

Rob          11:54     35 KB

Keegan    15:34    droped down to 35KB 2nd RD

Ty             12:14       44KB

Pat            9:01       55 bar

Kathleen 33/18 8:55

Franchell 53/26 12:45

Jerry 45/26 lbs 13:48

Lindsey 15/18 11:05

Kari  10:15 33/26

Elyce  10:21 33/25 lb plate


Fay      9:00

Mitch   9:05

Taylor    10:28

Jose 7:16

Chad 12:07 70 lb KB’s

Kevin 10:43

Ross 15:33 53 lb/44 lb

Jon 19:16

Renee 19:35

Jen 8:14

Jacob 16:51

Gilbert 15:58

Jill 11:24

Sidia 11:08

Tammeka 10:36

Jeff 15:37

Chris 9:41