I have a secret: I won’t go gently into the good night.

I will fight. I will struggle. I will scratch and crawl my way to that PR. I will keep going when I think I can’t. I will succeed even when it seems failure is the only option. I will count me in when others count me out.

Who are you to think you can defeat me? Who are you to underestimate me? Have you ever lived in my head? Breathed my air? Felt my soul? No. And if you did, you would be smart enough to be scared. Very scared.

I am a word beyond relentless. A power beyond unstoppable. A force this world has not even really begun to understand.

Go ahead and underestimate me. I like it better that way. I will simply keep working until there is nothing between me and … victory.

CROSSFIT LISBETH  like Jenn said her posts our related to CrossFit, but GREAT LIFE LESSONS AS WELL!!


10! which means 10,9,8,7,6,5,4 etc all the way to 1

Squat Cleans

Box Jumps

50M Gasser

& YES TONIGHT A BIG FAT APOLOGY… ….BURPEES for Garrett he forgot pic, but I promise I will post tomorrow. 

ANNOUNCEMENTS  NO 6:15 class tomorrow Friday, and NO Sat.  We will be open Sunday for Open WOD @ 3:00. 

FLASHBACK FRIDAY so dress accordingly.  If you are wanting to do Open WOD tomorrow I can judge 1 person in between classes so comment here first come first serve