Black History MONTH WOD Courtesy of our Friends At CrossFit Harlem “The Universal Negro Improvement Association”

i will post scores tomorrow we forgot to get a pic!!! Good JOB it was a KILLER WOD!!! Thanks To Syn @ CrossFit Harlem we love us some “Afro Brutality”
100 Double Unders
90 Burpees
80 Push Ups
70 Box Jumps
60 Deadlifts 135/95
50 Air Squats
40 Pull Ups
30 Thrusters 65/45
20 Clapping push ups/HSPU
10 Cyles of Bear Complex 65/45

David W MOD 36:57
David MOD 32:54
Joey Rx 1/2 18:00
James Rx 1/2 18:00
Garrett Rx 46:57
Drew MOD 24:40
Steve MOD 39:10
Velma MOD 52:40
Nicole MOD 48:11
Felix MOD 1:09:14
Ross MOD 48:13
Jacob MOD 1:05:51
Jerry MOD 19:30
Kevin RX 35:58
Taylor MOD 24:00
Fay MOD 28:58
Jamie MOD 32:01
Lori 53:32
Shawn MOD 57:35
Tammeka MOD 41:22
Jenn MOD 43:05
Tiff MOD 44:35
Jennifer MOD 55:53
This was a long hard workout it wasnt about your time wasnt about “RXD” it was just about completing it! WAY TO ROCK IT PCF members ROCK!!!!
ALSO a big thanks to Fay for great pics which ive try to download numerous times, BUT……as soon as Shawn gets back we will post!!!


  1. I did this at Crossfit 1525 on Sunday. 44:08 RX’d with Head to Ground HSPUs. BRUTAL.
    Good job to all that pushed through the pain!!!!!!

  2. Wow! This was brutal! Everyone did an awesome job pushing through.

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