We trained 23 athletes today in only our 3rd week.   The support and acceptance of Pearland Crossfit has been truly overwhelming.

To our athletes; you make us what we are and what we will become. We thank you for your support, your hard work, and dedication each and every day. Every time we turn around a member of Pearland Crossfit is bringing someone new in to drink the kool-aid.   We would like to think it is the trainers or maybe even the facility or it could the be the convenience of a Crossfit gym being in Pearland, but either way we cannot ask for a better feel to a gym, a more solid foundation, nor a better group of members who have taken Pearland Crossfit to a level we never thought possible so quickly.  As it has been said a thousand times, without you our members, we are failing miserably at accomplishing our dream of owning the best Crossfit gym around.   Thank you and keep up the hard work.

WOD:  30-20-10-20-30 push-ups, swings (53/35 lbs), kettebell snatches (53/35 lbs) and sit-ups.  Times to follow tomorrow morning. 20 Minute cut off

  1. Joey DNF 44 lb Kettlebell. Into last round of 30 and finished 60 reps out of 120 so written as 30/60
  2. Steve DNF px’d 20/77
  3. Susan DNF 16 lb KB 30/5
  4. Manuel 21:00 30-10-30 16 lb KB
  5. Victor 19:10 30-10-30 16 lb KB
  6. Adam DNF 25 lb KB 30/55
  7. Samantha 19:20 16 lb KB
  8. Diana DNF 30/60 16 lb KB
  9. Jeff DNF 20/90 44 lb KB
  10. Kristen 11:52 16 lb KB 30-10-30
  11. Lindsey DNF px’d 30/33
  12. Kim 19:53 16 lb kb

Fit Test: 1 squat, 1 sit up 1 pushups first minute, rest the time left after completing those 3 reps. Second minute on the minute do 2 of each, 3rd minute on the minute do 3 of each…. and continue until you cannot complete number of reps for that minute.

  1. Stephanie 7 +12 reps
  2. Keesha 8 + 9 reps
  3. Paul 11 +10 reps
  4. Velma 7 + 5 reps
  5. Jaime 8 + 25 reps
  6. Jose 20 (max rounds) Great work
  7. Mike 12 + 25 reps

HPD East Side Station officers came out yesterday.  This is not good for the bad guys.