or was that buggy, or skeeterly, or buzzing crazy…

mosquito from howstuff works

Yikes everyone is talking about them.  The news stories about them abound. They buzz in your ears, they bite you, they give you the heebee geebees (okay maybe they just do that to me :-)).  The mosquitoes are here but that is most assuredly why God invented DEET! Spray on some DEET and  You can power through your workouts.  You may eat a few, but they really aren’t too bad, and they are full of protein!  Thanks to everyone for not complaining and getting their workouts done!   Together, we have survived freezing weather (weren’t those bars COLD?), the 105+ degree days of summer and now the mosquitos.  It just adds another story to our Crossfit journey.  Who will forget doing 200 sit-ups while slapping mosquitos?

400m run
50 situps