I feel like Burpees keep showing up in the WODS. Do you think Linz is being Cruel because she cant do them?  I personally think its cruel, but do you feel yourself getting better?  Moving faster or were your legs just burning from yesterdays WOD?

Today was one of those days where I needed the words of CrossFit Lisbeth and Thank God she exists and shes a genius last year at the CrossFit games I was too scared to go and get a pic with her, BUT this year if I see her in the “SOLD OUT STADIUM”  doubtful……I will be getting a pic with her.  For those of you that dont follow her you should.

So your lift sucks.

Begin again.

So your heart is down.

Begin again.

Your job, your romance, your relationships, your bank account, and everything that you think is your life may have just fallen to total and irrevocable shit … but you know what? It’s not really your life. Your life is your heart beating and your lungs filling with air and your brain overflowing with a million thoughts and emotions. If you’re reading this, you’re still breathing. So, pick yourself up off the floor. Wipe the dirt off your butt and … begin again.

Each and every day.

Every single time you fail. Begin again. As long as you draw breath in this world.


Nobody said it was going to be easy for you. Nobody said it was going to be rainbows and roses and (creepy) clowns. Sure, nobody said it would be this hard, either. But you woke up today. So many people were not so lucky.

Begin again, always. Grab hold of that new chance with both hands and don’t you let it go.

Ladies Happy Hour Tomorrow try to stop by if you can.  Thank you Elyse for bringing a dip tomorrow and leaving a comment you Rock and SO did your Double Unders TODAY!!!

Coach Chads phone was “jacked up” his words tonight but we left it up for Nicole in the morning to take a pic of the board.


7 Hang Squat Cleans

21 Burpees

35 Double Unders

4 Rds

 LOOK AT THIS HOT PREGGO CHICK (Tracy)  STILL GETTING HER WODS IN BEFORE HOPEFULLY SHE GOES INTO LABOR AT THE GYM 😉 On Shawns Shift ofcourse! Kidding Again! I personally think it would be soooo COOL!!!!!!!!