Changing LIVES one day at a TIME!

Today I had a couple sweet reminders of why Im blessed to have this job!  YES I get tired at times and question am I doing it right should I be doing this?  Having to go to bed early at night for early mornings it sometimes takes a TOLL, but ALWAYS GOD has a way of making things right or like i would call it a Blessing in Disguise!  ITS the little things like seeing Suzanne, & Stephanie come so far in there 1 YEAR CROSSFIT Journey!!! 50lbs down between the 2 and lots of INCHES!!! Everyone is so supportive of each other!!!  Another sweet reminder Franchelles before and current pic of her on FB!  The 4 Sweet texts I received today of just Thank you’s & a text about the mopping looking good today.  I KNOW LITTLE Things, but it reminds me of how Blessed I am to be able to change lives.  And I cant speak for the other coachs and their personal journey, BUT IM SURE Each one of you have touched their lives in some way! So im ending this with a BIG OLE THANK YOU!!! IM BLESSED TO GE APART OF CHANGING LIVES!!!!

ALSO I would love to post before and after pics of Suzanne & Stephanie, but I dont have any…….HINT!


3 Power Snatch

6 Box Jumps

3 Squat Snatch

6 Box Jumps





  1. Lori McLaughlin says:

    I have had the great pleasure of working out with these awesome ladies since day 1! I will never forgot their first day when on our warm-up lap..we made sure the first thing they knew is don’t cheat! Make sure you go around the marked spots on the ground..never cut the corner. LOL! I think that stuck with them from that day forward. :-)
    To see the transformation of Suzanne and Stephanie is AMAZING. Across the board, they are at a totally different fitness level that I didn’t even think they thought was possible. Running speed, strength, the ability to jump plyo boxes, stand on their hands, my list can go on and on!
    Great job ladies! Everyone else who is just getting started, and may find yourself thinking or comparing yourself to others that there is no way that you will ever be able to do something that we do…STOP!! You can achieve anything as long as you are motivated, work hard, give 100%, and accept bad lifting days as a learning tool. These experiences as we all know we can relate to at the gym and in our everyday lives.
    Happy Anniversary to you both and I look forward in watching your continued transformation!
    Thank you PCF coaches and family for impacting ALL of us for the better. We appreciate you! Much love to all and good luck in reaching your short and long term goals. Bring on the summer heat workouts is going to be a hot calorie burning one! it. Bring it!!!

  2. Suzanne says:

    I feel so incredibly lucky to have met and become a part of such an amazing group of people!! Lori – I love you and am so honored to work out in your presence every day!! You are amazing and inspired me the first day and have inspired me every day since!!

    PCF has changed my life – and I will be forever grateful to Stephanie, for talking me into trying it, the coaches for pushing me to go beyond what I ever imagined possible, and my awesome 5:15 am group! You are all awesome!!!

  3. Franchelle says:

    YES…PCF has changed my life!!!!!

    Thank you so very much

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