Today I had a couple sweet reminders of why Im blessed to have this job!  YES I get tired at times and question am I doing it right should I be doing this?  Having to go to bed early at night for early mornings it sometimes takes a TOLL, but ALWAYS GOD has a way of making things right or like i would call it a Blessing in Disguise!  ITS the little things like seeing Suzanne, & Stephanie come so far in there 1 YEAR CROSSFIT Journey!!! 50lbs down between the 2 and lots of INCHES!!! Everyone is so supportive of each other!!!  Another sweet reminder Franchelles before and current pic of her on FB!  The 4 Sweet texts I received today of just Thank you’s & a text about the mopping looking good today.  I KNOW LITTLE Things, but it reminds me of how Blessed I am to be able to change lives.  And I cant speak for the other coachs and their personal journey, BUT IM SURE Each one of you have touched their lives in some way! So im ending this with a BIG OLE THANK YOU!!! IM BLESSED TO GE APART OF CHANGING LIVES!!!!

ALSO I would love to post before and after pics of Suzanne & Stephanie, but I dont have any…….HINT!


3 Power Snatch

6 Box Jumps

3 Squat Snatch

6 Box Jumps