Cold outside, BUT HOT in the Box!!!!

First off  Im  not blogging about competition yet.  That will be tomorrow.  I am waiting for your coaches to fill me in on minor details about there oh so awesome TEAMS!  OH and hopefully there will be scrolling pics with the help of FAY….(hint hint)  The overall winners will be announced by Saturday and money and awards (goodie bags) will be handed out!!

Its cold make sure your doing your full warm up.  Take your time getting warm, getting a good sweat going and stretching has never been more important!! Not to mention layer your clothes.

Bootcampers did awesome tonight.  Got a few of them on bands & they were cranking them out!  Oh and they were looking for the rest of there group?



10 Front Squats 95/65

10 Push Press

100 Meter Run

5 Rounds




  1. Linz- if you upload the photos to picasa….and share the folder with me I will do magic :-) ! I’ll embed it in a post and ya’ll can blog on from there.
    The competition was great, I really hope that EVERYONE will continue to eat and drink right (within reason) AND make this fitness challenge their daily / LIFE long challenge. As I have said before…
    We don’t have to like to EXERCISE, if WE like being FIT

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