Amazing!  That is how it feels outside!  Can’t wait to workout in the morning at 10:30AM be there or be square, running skin out (check), sweat shirt out (check), good attitude…. well that depends on how early I go to sleep! AND the first whole week of our Team Challenge is over…

Since the challenge began I have watched as my FB friends from the BOX become FB friends with their teammates.  If Keegan and Andy continue to entertain our team the way they have been, I may eventually crack a rib!  So, please guys keep me laughing but within limits.  Andy really needs to be on FB so that we can share his wonderful sense of humor with everyone 🙂 Keegan hates veggies, but is fighting the good fight for his team.

I love the camaraderie and jeering between folks on different teams.  AND most of all I am so happy to see how much we all support each other despite Team lines!

What do you like best about the challenge?  Have you become friends with other athletes from our box?  Are you pushing yourself harder than ever?

WOD – “last of the girls” tada……. FRAN



Thrusters and Pull Ups