Well, another CF Games season is over and what a show the competitors put on for the world to see! I hope YOU ALL got a chance to watch some, if not ALL, of the coverage.  I at times wish I could have listened to the live stream just to here the history and stories, but wouldnt trade my seat or ticket for anything.  WHAT a weekend.  I kept saying this year isnt going to be as good. Im not going to have as much fun and it was all that and so much better.  Everyday Ryann and I sat with Atomic CrossFit, P3, Skyline, C4, Clutch CrossFit, Bayou City CrossFit, CrossFit Katy, All Sport CrossFit  and I would have to say we were a roudy group and  made life long friends and please drop in and visit there boxes if your in the area.  All Houston based boxes

On the women’s side of things, Annie Thorisdottir repeated as champion “duh” with nearly a 100 point victory over her nearest competitor. And she deserved it! ALSO Good Lord she was always smiling and having a Blast.  She was also the only athlete that we asked how they felt on the last day at the after party she was the ONLY ONE that said “I FEEL GREAT!”  Everyone else  “im tired, im a little sore etc…….One word AMAZING!

On the men’s side, Rich Froning also repeated as champion…and also did so with more than a 100 point victory – this means he could have SAT OUT the final WOD and still took 1st Place!  And he still busted his A$$ on the third day.  The “Fromance” shirts sold out on day 1 at the games SHOCKED…..nahhhh he’s cute NOT MY fav, but alot girls FAV!!! My heart is still with the Originals Spealler, (oh his shirt sold out before Fronings 😉  & Khalipa who were crowd favorites the stands went crazy when they went to work.  I got chill bumps everytime actually the last heat of the girls and guys went.  YOUR probably saying CHEEZY, but you just wait until YOUR THERE next YEAR watching LIVE!!!!!!  The greatest show on earth!!!  If this year was better I cant wait until Next.

Now that Im back I have been asked no less than 10 times are you fired up motivated and ready?…..WELL UMMM…..maybe hang it up and eat a dozen doughnuts 😉  THEY are incredible athletes and Congratulations to them all.  Individuals, Teams, & Masters (I feel like Masters dont get the love they deserve)!!!!!!



1 Mile time trial


3 Wall Walks

7 Pull Ups

9 Box Jumps


IF YOU CANT READ THIS PIC….well text me and ill send you the pic.  281 650-5524






A. Skill:

Clean and Jerk – establish a 1RM