3 WODs down, 2 to go,,, who’s now looking forward to Wednesday evenings more than any other night of the week?  I know I am! Last weeks 13.3 brought us a repeat from 2012, any guesses on 13.4 this week?  Smart money is on pull-ups somewhere in this weeks WOD.

Learning anything else about yourself in the Open this year?  Maybe identifying some weaknesses you need to work on?  More than likely you’re finding that no matter what it feel like sometimes, you’re getting better!  Personally, I’ve had my faith in the community of support and encouragement we’ve built here at the gym reaffirmed!  How awesome has it been seeing our athletes cheered on by 30 other people as they battle through each weeks WOD?  How awesome is it, when it’s your turn to go, to hear the shouts and the encouragement from others helping push you on?  I know my performance in each one of my workouts wouldn’t have been possible without the encouragement I’m getting from our coaches and athletes during each attempt!

Well this week presents a bit of a scheduling crunch due to the holiday weekend.  Please take a look at the schedule below and make sure you get in and get your 13.4 judged and done!

Thursday – 7:00PM – 8:00PM

Friday – 5:30AM – 7:00AM & 10:30AM to 12:00PM

Saturday – 9:00AM – 12:00PM

Sunday – EASTER – No Open Judging at PCF