BOOTCAMPERS from Wednesday, Nov 9, 2011

Sometimes we post things to Facebook without putting much thought into it.  One of my favorite blogs is written by a woman who works for Crossfit.  Today she posted a little burst on FB that his me wrong….

Get better. Or get out of the way. Sorry, but this is no time to be mediocre.

  • I am always striving to get better, can’t imagine anyone walking through a crossfit box door who doesn’t want to be BETTER
  • the part that bothered me was the “or get out of the way” – if it is apparent that someone is having an off day and not trying their best, that is the time to reach out and embrace and encourage not tell them to get our of the way
  • no time to be mediocre – define mediocre, not all of us are going to be Crossfit allstars, we don’t ALL get to be “board boss,”  we are all at different levels, some of us are recovering from injury or catastrophic illness and mediocre might look like it is a an unapproachable goal.
  • I want to do a rewrite of Lisbeth’s posting:

Get BETTER.  Ask for HELP if you NEED it.  AND always TRY to do YOUR BEST!

We try to hard to be positive and maintain a positive atmosphere at our BOX.  We have taken so many words and phrases out of our vocabulary… I QUIT, I Can’t,  It’s too HOT, It’s too COLD… I think this list should be expanded…so please leave more as comments

Positive reinforcement and encouragement work wonders on everyone’s psyche… PRAISE and compliments stay with us all day long.  Look around the BOX, who is working out next to you?  What did they do today that really impressed you?  Tell them! Haven’t seen Person x in two weeks…walk up and pay them a compliment.  Experts say that it takes at least 5 positive things to make up for one negative thing.  Clear those negative thoughts from your head before you walk in the BOX door and bring us some POSITIVITY!  We will all be better for it.

Speaking of being better for it… I keep hearing about our wonderful new group of BOOT CAMPERS!  I am going to make to the box this evening and take more pictures, I haven’t done that in a while :-)…so bring your best smile and attitude to BOOT CAMP this evening!

WOD Nov. 9, 2011

Strength Push Press 5,3,3,1,1,1,1


  • Push Press (135/85)
  • Sit ups

ONE 100m sprint between each round