Do you have Swagger or do you have CrossFit swagger?  At times I think I have swagger and then some days I so dont feel like I have swagger.  BUT I WANT SWAGGER ALL THE TIME!!!! Just a short question to ask yourself!
swag·ger [ swággər ]   Audio player
STRUT AROUND: to walk in an arrogant or proud way
BRAG: to talk boastfully about personal accomplishments
ARROGANT WALK: an arrogant or proud way of walking or behaving
  •  I feel like we walk around knowing what we do is really damn hard, effective and a change of pace from conventional wisdom. We are confident, strong and are consistently being put to the test and challenging our weaknesses.-SICFIT  SO if your answer was YES to you having CrossFit Swagger then nothing wrong with it be proud!

ALSO DID YOU SMILE PRETTY FOR THE VIDEO TODAY?  ALL CLASSES WERE RECORDED on VIDEO!  Lots of reasons watch peoples form, peoples counting, a video for our box hopefully (anyone have connections)??? 


Stremgth Shoulder PRESS 3-3-3-3

30 Pull UPS

100 Push Press