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HERO WOD Info: We have had a lot of athletes coming to do the Hero WOD’s on Saturday and we are extremely excited that we have so much interest. Keep in mind, the HERO WODS are meant for veteran athletes, who do not need coaching on movements, have been crossfitting for close to a year and are RX’d on 90% of the regular workouts.  If you have to scale the regular workouts more than 2 times a month then you should be doing the 9 am team WODS on Saturday only and work your way to the HERO WODS.  If you should have any questions please let us know.  HERO WODS are meant to maim, destroy and honor the fallen heroes. They are not meant for us to scale the WOD just so we can finish.

12 min. workout

50 pushups

800 meter run

50 Thrusters 65/45 lbs

Double unders (as many as you can in time remaining of 12 minutes)


Gilbert 1 Double Under (DU)

Suzanne 36 thrusters

Wendy 36 thrusters

Taylor 11 DU

Fay 0 DU

Kevin 90 DU

Jon 2 DU

Ross 22 DU

Pat 46 Thursters

James 0 DU

Kendall 45 Thrusters

Lisa 45 Thrusters

Elyse 40 Thrusters

Neey 45 Thrusters

Sidia 14 DU

Teresa 138 DU

Jen 132 DU

Kevin W. 0 DU

Mike 0 DU

Jeff 38 Thrusters

Jacob 44 ThrustersChad 61 DU

Shawn M. 94 DU

Tammeka 54 DU

Chris 31 DU

Renee 1 DU

John 18 DU


Braden 15 lbs

Amy 33 lbs 15 Thrusters

Bruce 45 lbs 40 Thrusters

Kylynn 53 lbs 45 Thrusters

Keegan 45 lbs 48 DU (I think)

Carrina 33 lbs 10 songles modified pushup (MPU)

Rob 45 lbs 12 DU MPU

Mom 33 lbs 12 DU MPU

Franchell 21 DU MPU

Amanda 37 DU MPU

Radhika 0 DU MPU

Sabrina 33 lbs 41 Thrusters

Jerry 55 lbs 25 Thrusters

Kathleen 0 DU MPU

Dawn MPU 0 DU