As many of you are aware Crossfit is a community who comes together and helps those organizations or individuals who are in need. Here is a list of the upcoming events that we all need to sign up for ASAP. I have included a short blog about each event:

1. 31 Hereos September 3, 2011 at 1525 Crossfit in Houston
Register Here:

This is a workout to honor the 31 fallen soldiers killed on August 5, 2011 in the helicopter crash in Afghanistan. $31 gets you registered and a t-shirt. We will be joining Nicki and her crew at 1525 in Houston!

2. Climb For Life September 11, 2011

Many of you have trained with Nathan at our gym. His son has Cystic Fybrosis and he is holding a fundraiser called The Climb for Life challenge benefitting Cystic Fibrosis. It is a 32 floor stair climb. HFD will have a lot of participants and equipment at the event.

3. Fight Gone Bad 6 September 17, 2011 (We are hosting)

Donations honor the Special Operations Warrior Foundation who provided support for Special Op soldiers killed or injured in the line of duty.  This is a yearly event held by Crossfit gyms nationwide and this will be the 6th year.  I have included the link to Pearland Crossfit’s donation page.  I have set a goal of $5,000 to be raised by our gym.

These events as well as other upcoming events are posted on the upcoming events tab on the left.  We work so hard in the gym, let’s go have some fun with this fitness we have attained!

Jody’s B-day WOD (happy birthday movie star)

800 meter run

21 Clean and Jerks 155/105

6 pullup

5 wall balls 20/14

400 meter run

21 Clean and jerks

11 GHD situps

800 meter run

Rx’d B Day WOD (with pullups, wall balls and GHD situps)

Shawn M. 29:39

Sidia 37:02

Neey 33:32

Ross 32:07

Garrett 20:19

Jen 24:14

Rx’d (without Pullups, wallballs and GHD situps)

Eric 18:42

April 33:05

Modified (b-day next to name indicates they did WOD with pullups, wall balls and GHD situps)

Gilbert 18:20 95 lbs

Wendy 17:35 35 lbs

Taylor 20:10 115 lbs

Mitch 21:25 135 lbs

Keegan 31:33 135 lbs

Kris 26:42 75 lbs

Rob 21:49 65/85 lbs

Corrine 22:28 65/55 lbs

Ty 25:10 115 lbs

Kylynn 21:38 40/35 lbs

Nanna 23:28 33 lbs

Pat 22:53 58 lbs

Jose 22:03 95 lbs b day

Melissa 16:50 53 lbs

Taylor 32:53 63 lbs b day

Jody 25:51 75/85 lbs b day

Taryn 29:12 65 lbs b day

Kevin 30:05 135 lbs b day

Kat 35:00 95 lbs

Lisa 29:58 65 lbs b day

Jon 21:16 135 lbs

Chris 20:23 65 lbs b day

Amanda 23:58 53 lbs b day

Linz 24:08 63 lbs b day

Kevin P. 29:10 95 lbs b day

Radhika 24:40 58 lbs b day

Karen 22:55 25 lbs

Tammeka  25:05 75 bs b day

John 22:21 135 lbs b day

Andy 22:26 135 lbs b day

Jerry 29:29 85 lbs b day

Kevin W. 26:24 95 lbs b day

Franchelle  29:30 53 b day

Renee 17:06 modified

This was toughest strength WOD I think I have ever done. Shawn M.