You know what I’m talking about. You’re at the grocery store and it’s the end of a long day, so you tell yourself, “I’m going to treat myself to that cookie because I deserve it.” Or you’re out with friends and you say to each other, “We’re having fun, let’s treat ourselves.” And it’s okay, because you’ll split it. (The whole splitting trick i fell victim to over Thanksgiving)  Or maybe it’s a friends  birthday. Or you had a Bad day or even a bad workout, your kids were bad whatever the excuse.

How many times per week do you really end up “treating” yourself? Is it actually a treat or is it a regular part of your diet?

And is it really “treating” yourself? It doesn’t do your body any good. In fact, in all regards except a moment of instant gratification, it’s the opposite of treating yourself.

As we head into the holidays, think about your approach to  bad food “treats” Do you have a strategy? Alot of talking to myself.  Or for example I took Shawns birthday cake to my in laws house Not my house. Do you have a Wod partner, friend, loved one to hold you accountable when you need it?  What if you made it through a whole week without treats — can you think of a way to ACTUALLY treat yourself to something nice?


Courtesy of CFLA

in 3 min complete 200 Meter Run & as many thrusters as possible 135/95

Rest 2 min

in 6 min complete 400 Meter Run & as many thrusters as possible 95/65

Rest 2 min

in 9 min complete 800 Meter Run & as many thrusters as possible 65/45

IMPORTANT INFO HELEN WOD Thursday & Friday get it done and your pics TEAM Competition is Tuesday evening around 6:30 please comment here if thats a problem so your coaches will know!!! Thanks Whos WINNING!!!!!!!