Feeling DIR-T-Y???

Tonight was most of yalls first time to do Filthy Fifty!? What did ya think about it? Post your comments here!  Great job everyone for pushing through such a tough WOD!!!


Filthy Fifty

Box Jumps

Jumping Pull Ups

KB Swings

Walking Lunges

Push Press

Back Extensions

Wall Ball


Double Unders



  1. Wa hoo let’s be hardcore all week. :)

  2. I sucked at the knees to elbows.

  3. Here is a great video showing really great athletes who scale down in a wod, so they are able to achieve the intended purpose of the wod.

    The purpose of the wod is a sprint and with bigger weight it turns into a marathon. Sometimes less is more.


  4. Oh my..where do I begin. WOW, my first comment would be that I almost passed out. Not pukeville, but oh my gosh..I am going to collapse. Second, I need to work on my knees to elbows. WOW what a totally different variation that was. If I recall correctly, I was the second one on when starting those, and the second to last one off(may not be totally accurate, but close). Found one of my weaknesses(that is a good thing)! Third, the transition between jumping pullups and kettle swings shocked my shoulders..wow wasn’t expecting that. Fourth I went to a dark dark DARK place, said some crazy things(YES I did talk to either my medicine ball, jump rope, burpee, etc.)put it all out there, I finished and felt like I could tackle anything that faced me for the day. Not immediately mind you..I had to get a grip on myself. That is what is so awesome about Crossfit. HURT SO GOOD BABY…LOVE IT!!! Great job everyone.

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