Lilly Kate arrived yesterday our newest Crossfitter and our CUTEST!!!!!! Weiging in at 8lb 5oz and 19 1/2 inches long.  Lindsey and James are doing GREAT!!!!! 

NOW for your WOD sooo i hear there were some bitchin about doing Fran, but i bet you were done with your bitchin when you saw how much you had improved since last time.  Jen for example she got the same time as last, BUT she had a band last time & she did RX FRAN WAY TO GO!!!!!!  I would like to hear more stories like this so leave them in the “comment” area!!!!




Pull Ups

Ross RX 6:33

JO 7:45 35/3bands

Myron RX 5:06

Kev RX 6:33

Lanae RX 7:19 ( soo glad your back)

Jeremy RX 3:25 plus 20lb weight vest

Ryan RX 7:27

David RX 7:35

Rene 6:57 53,1band

Tammeka RX 8:54

Lisa 8:31 53, Ring Rows

Kristin 8:48 53, Ring Rows

Lori 6:45, RX

Jody RX 11:28

Kyle 8:43 35, ring row

Jeff 9:37, 2bands

Teneric RX 7:43

Jacob RX 12:44

Adam 5:16 75

Kelly 12:31, 53/1band GLAD your back!!!

Fay 10:00 RX

Kevin RX 14:36

John 14:09 1band

April 14:34, 53/JPU

Alyssa 16:36 53/1band

Shawn F RX 6:17

Tiff RX 7:25

Shannon 7:26 75/Ring Rows

Jenn 7:49 RX

Taylor 8:14 53/RR

Alana 10:51 53/RR

Amanda 8:52 35/rr

Gary 9:10 65/rr

Jose 7:22 RX