Beginner Class: Our first beginner class (On-Ramp) is starting on Aug. 2nd.  Times are flexible and we will have both morning and evening times.  We will met 3 times a week for 3 weeks.  We will teach you all of the movements you will find in a Crossfit workout and each session will end with a modified Crossfit workout.  After our on-ramp class you can join any of our Crossfit classes.  We have 12 athletes signed up so far for our first class.

We have reduced the cost to $150 for our first 2 on-ramp classes because we just want you to give Crossfit a shot.  After you try it, the camaraderie, the sense of self worth, the support, a euphoria that lasts all day long and attaining a fitness level you have never seen before will keep you coming back.  The price will go up the first of September.

Can I do Crossfit: We hear about people being too intimidated to give Crossfit a shot or think they have to be in shape before they start Crossfit. We understand the hesitation because you are inundated with videos of the fittest athletes in the world competing in Crossfit competitions across the world and you see them lifting an enormous amount of weight and performing movements that are incredible.  Let me assure you, they started where you will be starting. NO ONE, and I mean no one, came into a Crossfit workout and killed it.  They were struggling with their pull-ups, pushups, sit-ups and squats just as you will struggle. However, they made a commitment to Crossfit and found themselves completing workouts they never dreamed of doing a few short months before.

So don’t be intimidated and no you do not have to be in shape before you start Crossfit.  We will start you extremely slow and we will NEVER push you to an intensity level that you are not comfortable with.  My 80 Year old father has been Crossfitting with Matt and Pam at Crossfit Champions for almost 3 months now and if he can do it at 80 years old, ANYONE can do it.  Yes, it has changed his life as well and he has lost 16 lbs.

If my message alone does not convince you to give Pearland Crossfit a shot and set those fears aside then let me know and I will give you my fathers phone number and you can ask him how he found Crossfit and how his quality of life has dramatically changed.

Team WOD: 5 teams of 3 people.  Each team starts with a 6 lap run (1 lap is 150 meters) with a 35 lb kettlebell (so each team member runs 2 laps with 35 lb kettlebell), 100 box jumps (20 inch box), 100 knees to elbows, 100 wallballs (10/14 lb. ball throwing to 8 foot target), 10 tire flips, and 50 lateral burpees.

  1. Team Jason 23:23
  2. Bad Asses 20:16
  3. Team Sam 17:42
  4. Team Jamie 23:52
  5. Team Spencer 22:32 (they did 100 burpees instead of 50 ox’d)
  6. Team Pearland Crossfit (Lindsey, Kat, and Shawn) 17:11. Shawn wore a 20 lb vest.  We trained after the 5 groups were finished.

Cool down: 4 rounds of Tabata abs.

Lindsey and I did ladder pull-ups: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 for a total of 100. So each of us did 1 pull-up, then each did 2 pull-ups and continued up the ladder then back down.

Intro: Workout – Reg did 7 rounds. He is going to be sore tomorrow.  Additionally, Reg is responsible for all of the logos you will see in our photos.  He does incredible work. Send him your business if you need any sign work done.


Cooling down with Tabata abs.