Shawn and Steve said it best tonight when they said “it felt like going into a football game.”  The combination of INTENSITY, Nervousness, was on EVERYONES FACE!!!  Even I as a coach not doing Helen today made me very anxious, excited, nervous, every emotion you could possibly imagine. 

NEXT chapter 3 2 1 Go…and it was ON!!! I was SO proud to see EVERYONE giving it 110% percent tonight. Even the encouragement stepped up its game tonight.  Haley & Mark soo cute cheering for each other, Lisa & Kevin counting partners,  Sarah from the morning coming to cheer on people, Elyse staying to count and just cheer for everyone.  Taryn driving back home to get camera, Jacob working so hard he had just a TAD MISS HAP (glad your ok) scared the ever living $hit out of me!!   Ryan, Andy & Matt  hanging around to help count as well..  JUST EPIC TONIGHT THE ENERGY IN THE BOX WAS UNMEASURABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

Last chapter…I know that everyone there tonight could see and feel the intensity, focus,  and competitivness that was all around us.  Lets ALL take pause at this for a second.  Why just tonight?  Isn’t it suppose to be like this every wod?  Isn’t CrossFit to be done 110% everytime you here 3 2 1 go?  Everyone needs to ask themselves; do I put into every wod what I did tonight?  Do I prepare for every wod like I did today?  Do I dig as deep as I did today during every wod?  Dont just blow this paragraph off..really ask yourself these questions.  I’m a realest and I know that no one can do that every wod, BUT you should be trying.  Lets keep this energy going.  Lets keep digging as deep as we can every wod.  Lets put our game faces on every time we walk into the box.  Just imagine what BEAST we could all turn into. -Kat

GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE tomorrow taking on Helen we had KILLER A$$ Times tonight!!!! 

Dont forget team Competition goes down Tuesday night! Also email your coach your previous Helen time and this one.