Games Open for Beginners

Ive had alot of questions about this anyone can do it and what do you have to lose? $20?  I really want to know where I stand against the girls in my age group in my region!  Probably LAST, but atleast I know how much harder I need to train and know NOW that I need to be consistent.  If you havent already please visit, VERY INFORMATIVE!!! 

The CrossFit Games Open is for everyone. Get registered now. First WOD announced Feb 22nd.

     About a year ago, as a representative of the silent masses, I shared an open letter with the community about my experience with CrossFit. I shared that as a silent (although….
P.S. WHITEBOARD COMES BACK NEXT WEEK!!!!! I have missed it have you?  


  1. April Bradshaw says:

    I have registered for the open to see where I stand NOW, because I have no doubt that after another year of training I will be farther along than I am now. I can’t wait for next year! I will be able to look back and say to my self…this is where I started a year ago. I will do this each year until I eventually make it into the masters division! (15+ years of crossfit I should be ready) I know that we have all heard the saying, no one is holding you back but YOU! Last night I walked into the gym pissed because there was another WOD with HSPU! UGGG…its soooo discouraging! However, we were given some time to work on our weaknesses…I thought HELL, where do I start??? I went got 3 mats and after about 10 epic fails and gut renching screams I did the dang workout and did all 36 HSPU, I even did 3 in a row! I am not telling you this to brag, Im telling you this because I was telling myself, there is no way you are ready to get off the box! NOT even CLOSE! There is nothing better than to have someone to tell you “try again, nope didnt count, do it again” But most importantly that feeling inside you where you finally get sick and tired of being sick and tired! I am SICK AND TIRED of not being able to do things RX! I am telling you that I made a complete fool of myself last night working on my weaknesses. My granny panites were showing, my hair was a disaster from sitting in the hand stand position, BIG GIRLS DONT FAIL ON HSPU’S GRACEFULLY…ITS A HOT MESS! But there is not better motivation that being just flat sick and tired! SET A NEW PR THIS WEEK! There is no better “pick me up” than setting a new PR!

  2. I am so proud of you April! AND today Jill actually threw herself against the wall and was upside down! There are so many things that aren’t easy to do…all you have to do is conquer them one by one! 3,2,1, GO!

  3. There is something about watching two people kick some butt and falling down off the wall and getting back up and conquering the dreaded handstand pushups. All day today I was telling myself I am going to get on that damn wall tonight. I am going to do it. I got to the box and was scared to death. but I am going to do it. getting down on myself again and again… so I decided to do it with the bands and settle with that. so Jon caught my legs, David helped cheer and Fay coached me on it…. Then Tracey came along and said those damn things are harder than the wall… so I tried and fell on my face. Tracey stood by me and wouldnt let me walk away. Fay stood buy and coached me again… hit the wall and came back down, and again again… after an hour I was able to do 5… yes 5 30 second handstand holds… I did it. but I did it with the help of so many people who would not let me give up… Thank you everyone… all i can say, is thank you.

  4. April and Jill, y’all rock!
    And no, I haven’t missed it in the least..,,

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