GET Comfortable with being UnComfortable

When you first start CrossFit it’s hard. You’re out of breath, you feel like you might get a visit from pukie, and your legs are momentarily out of service. A few months in and it’s still really hard. But once you’ve been doing CrossFit for about a year something starts to happen – it’s still f$#&ing hard and you realize that it will never get easy; you just suck less at it.

CrossFit never gets easy but over time you train yourself to become mentally tough. You get comfortable being uncomfortable and are able to push yourself further than you think you are capable. Doing a WOD at 6am every morning makes you realize that the rest of your day won’t be so difficult. If you just completed “Chelsea” (5 pull-ups, 10 pushups, 15 squats every minute for 30 minutes) you know that anything that life throws you that day won’t be an issue. CrossFit doesn’t magically make everything in life easier; but it does make you better at dealing with difficult situations.

By overcoming difficult obstacles we set ourselves up for success. You’re fitness will grow by leaps and bounds by doing a harder workout and putting yourself into an uncomfortable situation. You’re mental strength will grow along with your physical capacity. When you get used to challenging yourself inside the gym you will translate it to life outside the gym. You just tell yourself what you have to do and you do it.



Double Under

Sit ups

if you did Singles it was X3


  1. Renee Moreland says:

    I can totally identify with this! Having passed my 1 year mark, its still really really hard, but I do suck less! Amen on the mental toughness part, too.

  2. I hear ya Fay. After my one year anniversary I just realized that everyday ( pretty much) I was going to do my best on whatever the board said. That’s what I do. I made the decision to make my daily CF “my” time, to work on me. Improve me. And it has made life great! I think when you practice at being comfortable with uncomfortable things start to fall into place. People, work, traffic doesn’t stress you out as much b/c I know at 5:15 I will be in my box, with my people working on making me better all around and leaving all the other stuff on the floor.

  3. Cindy is 5, 10, 15….. Just saying.

  4. Chad…
    Cindy is AMRAP, Chelsea is on the minute every minute for 30 minutes… :-)

  5. Great post! VERY VERY true!

  6. I love this article! I crossfit in California and I was looking up boxes in pearland because I’ll be visiting my dad in December! I would like to give your box a try!

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