3 Ground 2 Overhead Anyway you can

6 Bar (f) facing burpees

200 Meter Run


today was a hummm dinger!!!! Lots of PR’s, Lots of weight added!  Way to Grind it out!!!!

Just another reminder regular classes on Friday and all classes are doing Murph.  I did add a 9:00 am if I had enough people sign up.  I think that confused some people Sorry!

5:15 am’ers are swimming at the Natorium in the morning located at Bailey and Veterans.  I have joined them once and it was a blast.  Bring your running shoes too some run afterwards.

If your new to CrossFit welcome to the crazy, loving family of PCF! Old members introduce yourself to the new faces.

                                                                      NO BIG DEAL just 2 HOT Chicks in our BOX!!!!!! Tiffany & Radhika