Griffs ANGRY big BROTHER who likes to do Jumping Squats

Thank you Ross for the name of this WOD!!  I LIKE IT!!! Well when Linz programmed this week we did things that we love, represent us and this definitely represents her & Shawn! Because I’m honest with you ALL the time I do NOT like running, never will and 3 years into CrossFit im really NOT that much faster when it comes to running WODS!! ANYWAYS maybe she added the jumping squats because of me or lets just say that;)  Whatever the reason a little Twisted!!! It felt good pounding the pavement today!!!!

if the pic is hard to read please leave comment & i will re post.  Thank you

Griff with a Twist

Run 800 Meter

25 jumping Squats

Run 400 Meter Backwards

20 Jumping Squats

Run 800 Meter

15 Jumping Squats

Run 400 Meter Backwards

10 Jumping Squats


  1. Can’t read it at all!

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