Now is the time to stand firm, to say no, to walk past the candy bowl!  If you can do this, you can DO anything.  You are strong, you are stronger than you think.  You might need a reminder…

Crossfit Lisbeth WOD (word of the day) really spoke to me yesterday…thanks to Nicole for being the one to remind me that I am strong 🙂

so….in Lisbeth’s words…

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Remind me I am strong. Please.

Most days, I know this. In spades, as my mom would say. I know I am strong like I know my front squat max or the movements in Fran. Usually remembering my strength is not a problem.

But sometimes I forget.

When the world gets overwhelming. When everybody needs something from me and nothing I do is on time, or enough, or even close to adequate.

I know these faults, these shortcomings, these glaring errors that yawn in their enormity, are most likely illusions in my own brain. But still they are there, gnawing at me, reminding me that I’m not good enough, not smart enough, not strong enough.

So, do me a favor and remind me of something better. On those days when you see me slump a little, or falter, or my eyes seem kind of wet for no reason. These are the days that I’m weak inside and the world is simply too much, the weight is too heavy, and the pace seems so fast. On these days, remind me that I’m strong and I’ll stomp those doubts and I’ll come through.

It’s only a simple statement and I only need it once, maybe with a hand on the shoulder. “Hey, you are strong.”

It’ll carry me farther than you’ll ever know.



Lots of Women In the Gym

Skill – 5,3,3,1,1,1,1 – max back squat



185/115 back squats and ringdips