Couple of announcements as of Thursday there was only 7 team spots left for Bayou City CrossFit Crawfish Megafest Wod. If you are interested we encourage you to get a team together go to there website & sign up. Its alot of fun and there is beer & crawfish what else could you ask for after a WOD?  hHre is the website Fay has already paid for a team so she needs 1 more girl and 2 boys she registered for Scaled division.

Also how are you doing with paleo? Are you planning out your meals on Sunday preparing, researching? There are so many websites with meals & we are here to help you if you have any questions please feel free to ask. I love its $9.99 a month they send you shopping list, recipes, every week. NOW how could you go wrong with that? I need to post Lindsey’s before and after pics when we did our first paleo challenge WOWSERS!! i would post mine, BUT she won it so you will see mine after this challenge i think thats fair enough!?
To ALL the On Rampers that tackled there first WOD way to go!!!!!

Friday W OD

9 Power Cleans

6 Push Press

3 Lateral Burpees

50 Meter Sprint

4 Rounds

Rx weight was 95/65

Lori 18:46 Way to go 95 for 2 rounds 105  for other 2

Heather 13:04 65/75

Alanna 16:11 53

Meg 11:56 73

Tammeka 10:15 75

Sue 8:50 65

Karl 7:16 65

Tori 9:41 75

Lanae 9:39 RX

Lisa 8:00 35

Ross 9:34 Rx

Taylor 9:47 53

Andy 7:22 95

jason 8:08 105

Kevin 8:35 65

jeff 8:59 Rx

Renne 9:30 53

Alyssa 11:58 53

Taryn 12:04 53

Cedric 8:17 95