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Well to start off, for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Minh, or what the majority of the gym calls me Tran. My Crossfit experience all started off with me enlisting into the Navy. My ultimate goal was to one day be a part of the elitist, Navy Seals. I was placed into the Special Forces DEPs program where I was assigned a mentor who was a retired Navy Seal. He told me what I needed to do and what it took to make it. Training with him was the toughest thing I’ve ever put my body through, mentally and physically. It would start with waking up at 4:30 to meet him at the local YMCA to swim what seemed like endless laps. Then would have to shower and head to work. Then would meet him again at Tom Bass Park where we ran and worked on the bars (pull-ups). I did this all for a few weeks in preparation for my PST (physical screening test). Well the day came and I did fairly well. But the time I was enlisting, everyone and their moms wanted into the Special Force Branch, so it was very competitive. So this is where Crossfit came into the picture. My mentor told me about Crossfit and how it could improve all my times and reps. So I was all for it. Looked up the number, gave it a call, and I was there the next morning.  I walked in thinking “how hard could this be?” “im in shaped” “ive been working out for as long as I could remember, along with all the cardio ive been doing?!”. But man ole man was I in for a rude awakening. I believe I threw up every day for a week. That and me doing Fran RX within that first week doing strict pull ups. Only took me abt 17 mins. But I was instantly hooked. Stuck with it and I was shedding seconds off my swimming and most importantly my run time! I was stoked. IT WORKS! Well with a month of crossfit under my belt. I decided to take my PST again just to see if my times will be more competitive. And guess what?! IT WAS!!! My mentor and I were both stoked. So I was put into the draft for that month with my fingers crossed hoping I’d be picked. Got a call to the office, thinking I was chosen, but instead, I got an apology. I didn’t make the cut because of my background check. I was told “there are so many candidates to pick from, your background has to be literally clean” sorry for party rocking. Well that ended my Navy career, but the start my Crossfit career. Nothing filled that disappointment better than going to PCF and throwing heavy weights around. And one day I came into a WOD of a 10K run. Ive never ran more than 3 miles without passing out. All I told myself was to not stop. Ran it in 51 mins I believe, met my goal to stay under an hr. It amazed me that I can accomplish that with just doing crossfit for about 2-3 months. Well this past December marked my one year of Crossfit. And I wouldn’t trade that for anything. Crossfit has taught me more than just how to lift weights. It showed me how to succeed in life. The aspect of never giving up and working as hard as you can, pushed me and made me more ambitious each and every day. Work started getting easier, got closer to my family, and also made some new family id take a bullet for. The community is amazing and full of people that can easily be a role model to anyone. I love all of you guys just as I do with my own family. My passion for Crossfit was grown each and every day, and still growing. Its to a point where ive made the decision to talk to my family to let them know that Crossfit is what I want to do with my life. They were extremely supportive. So the journey is just about to begin for me. And I want to thank each and every one of you guys at PCF for making me the man I am today. I have so much respect for everyone and proud to be part of a family of such kind and caring people. Much love


4 rds 1 min REST in between RDS

21 KBS

15 Box Jumps

9 T 2 B