Im soo excited about this!  Hopefully I get enough emails to last a couple weeks HINT HINT! I received this email today and it made my day then I proceeded to text a few of you and hound you and I received another email and cant wait to post that one tomorrow.  This is Sarah Lay she attends 5:15 a.m. and also teaches our bootcamp! READ ON! 

How 2012 Grew Me at PCF Finishing last is NEVER fun, but sometimes a necessary evil and keeps things in perspective. I know I have fought hard when I push through to the end despite where anyone else finished. My time doesn’t matter, but how hard I worked does. The sweat, blood, soreness and maybe even a few tears are worth it. It doesn’t matter that once again John Koogler did more rounds than me, or that Lori McLaughlin push jerked more than me, or that Jen Taylor came in the box for a pm class and then annihilated my time, or that Minh Tran makes muscle-ups look like a piece of cake. What matters most is that I came in, worked hard, gave it my everything, learned from my weaknesses and came out on the other end a stronger person mentally, emotionally, physically and even spiritually. My body is my body. It will become and keep changing into whatever my body can be. I shouldn’t compare, be envious, or wish it were any different. Strong is beautiful, strong is my goal. Sure we are all secretly wanting to have the best bikini bod, but at the end of the day I would take a PR over a six pack. Food isn’t about counting calories, deprivation, pleasure, or torture. It is a life source. It is fuel. What I put in my body will affect how I feel (emotionally and physically), but I shouldn’t agonize over cheats or slip ups, but rather learn from them and move forward! Having a good game plan can make all the difference! Changes happen, we get injured, we get sick, we have major life situations that occur. What we do with those things, how we handle those things, that is what defines our character. We have a great community of people at PCF. People who truly care. People I am proud to call family. Thanks to all of our PCF family for the love, hugs, words of encouragement and even yelling at me to pick up the bar! Now let’s make 2013 the best yet!


         Strength Back Squats

  & then lots of KB Swings EMOM for 7 min.